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GameStop's Tone Deaf AC Origins Ad is worth talking about
Okay so what happened in a nutshell was that GameStop made an Ad for AC Origins that made light of the On Disk DLC, because a certain mission in the upcoming game is blocked unless you pre-order it. You can read the article about that here:

Below here, will be a link to a video talking about the ad:

And if you questioned it's validity, here's a follow up video:

I can confirm that this tone deaf ad does exist, because I went to the Old school Runespace Wiki page to see if it would pop up, and eventually through multiple refreshes it did. If you'd like to see if you can find the ad, that Wiki is below here:

The point is, this ad is all kind of distasteful and makes light of the situation where content can be blocked behind paywalls or pre-orders, and since it's been such a constant cause for debate among the gaming community as a whole, I thought it would be worth it to bring attention to is as a whole. Watch all that stuff, read the article, see if you can the ad for yourself if you feel so inclined, and let me know what you think. 

Honestly, I think this is highly shady and incredibly rude. It doesn't make it any better that the ad treats it like bonus content when in fact it's clearly just blocked content. What I worry about as well is that people will either see this ad and get offended or annoyed and take it out on GameStop employees, or they won't see the ad, and it won't get the reaction it deserves, which will inspire more ads like it. Either way seems like a lose/lose to me.
This is a situation where nobody wins.

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