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Kids Games: HELP
I am a hair stylist at a kids salon. We have TVs with DVD players for the little kids, and Xbox 360's for the bigger kids.

The games we have (Sonic All Stars Racing, Lego Batman 3, Minecraft) are pretty simple. The problem is that if the kids can't IMMEDIATELY figure it out, they go fucking nuts and make my job even harder than it already is. And while these games are easy, they do require minimal skill.

We need games that require less than minimal skill. Does anyone know of any Xbox 360 game, or games, that the kids can literally just run around and be ok? Where they can just run and maybe collect stuff. Nothing difficult. Like, not even a little bit.

We had Toy Story 3 for a while but it got too scratched. That one seemed to be pretty decent to just run around while having enough shit for the kids to look at and not get bored too quickly. So, games sort of like that.

Why not the Avatar game then. Not the Legend of Korra but the other one. As long you can figure out how to attack and move, you win.
Well I was going to sugest anything LEGO, but since you said that LEGO Batman 3 was "too hard," I guess that is out. I hear that Disney Infinity is pretty easy to pick up and the kids can play with the toys with out the game.
Get Lost Odyssey so their little heads explode.
There are a lot of simple puzzle games for cheap/free on the arcade like bejeweled and stuff if you want to just have those up.
Pac-Man Championship Edition
(10-18-2017, 05:14 PM)Psychospacecow Wrote: Pac-Man Championship Edition

I was going to suggest Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, but I was thinking that maybe she didn't want to constantly switch out the games. However, It's a really good idea because there are alot of games on there

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