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Paris Games Week 2017
I think since we're pretty close to the start of it all (Monday Sony kicks things off), it's time to make this thread. The pre-show from Sony conference starts at 7 A.M. where I live but I'll still gonna catch it, talk about it and all that. What are you all hoping to see Tomorrow? I'd be satisfied with some Dreams Content, a final trailer for Last Recode, and maybe an update to Left Alive, like another gameplay trailer. Really as long as they don't go with the whole "relay everything from out previous conference" thing that Xbox did at Gamescom, I'll probably be okay with it. I guess though with 7 new things to be announced for PS4 and PSVR even before the main show starts, there will be something to talk about.
Well I just spent the last three hours summarizing everything from Paris Games Week, and it was actually really good. If you want to see my thoughts on everything, here's a list of 10 trailers I thought were great, and from there you can look at my page to see what else I posted. I've been since six to do all this and I need a break:

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