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We need to talk about EA
(01-29-2018, 06:01 PM)RepentantSky Wrote: Microsoft might be looking to take over EA or even Valve:

Don't know about all of you, but I think taking over EA is the worst idea anyone has had in recent memory for this industry.

There may be a good and bad outcome out of this. The good? EA will be no more. The bad? All of the IPS that EA owns will be owned by Microsoft(unless if they give them to other developers which isn't likely).
I don't know, from a business standpoint it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. EA is still in hot water with everyone after Battlefront II, so any move they make that goes against the gaming community won't help, and Microsoft isn't doing much better in a lot of ways, because despite the success of the Xbox One X sales, software wise Nintendo and Sony are still kicking their ass. If they bought EA, they would be held accountable for the heat that EA has been producing. If the rumor is true, it suggests that Microsoft would be doing this to try and close the gap where exclusives are concerned, but I don't see how that's the smart way to do things, considering all Sony and Nintendo had to do was make their first party games, and sign a few deals with Japanese companies. I can't imagine trying to buy something like EA, valve or PUBG Corp. is a cheaper alternative, which probably means Microsoft would push even harder into microtransactions to make up the difference and that heat would probably do more harm than good. It's possible that they think they'll make enough money despite that, that it won't matter, but there's no way Microsoft can get all of that potential heat under the radar. I don't know why they can't just go to Square or Level 5, or even Atlus and try and convince them to make an exclusive game for them. But then again, despite claims that Microsoft is working closer with Japan this year and moving forward, it doesn't seem likely that, that is true at all, and they are probably hoping to appeal just to Western audiences who like guns and put all their eggs in that basket that really doesn't have enough eggs to take to the bank.
EA is claiming that Star Wars Battlefront II was a learning experience, and are trying to twist truths around to damage control what happened with the game:

This is incredibly stupid. They act like people played the game more than the original because they wanted to, not because the game was so imbalanced with loot versus reward that they had to really earn anything of importance. There's also the fact that a lot of people just set their controllers up to spin a character around in circles for whole matches at a time just to earn credits since it made almost no difference. The fact that they sold less than one million copies of the game seems fitting, and they should not be allowed to try and twist the truth like this.
Didn't think I'd never need to bump this thread but considering EA still thinks they are going to win fights against entire countries on Loot Boxes, here we are:

Here's a little more context for that:

EA is at it again, this time trying to convince people that they don't know what they want so they can sell them the mobile Command and Conquer game that pretty much everyone has made clear, that they don't want.
Well, looks like one of EA executives has jumped the sinking ship after pocketing $22 million in company bonuses.
^To the surprise of no one considering how the people in charge are heartless bastards


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