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Who would you like to see make a Star wars game?
I was going to save this for the EA thread, but it seemed like a big topic that could go into a different direction if I made it there. We all know EA has sunked royally big time with their recent choices with the rights to the Star wars series, and it looks like they could lose the rights from making anything Star wars related sooner or later(provided if Disney should take away their right from making anything else). 

Since Star Wars is owned by Disney. If they should take away the rights from EA, who would you like to see develop a game based off of the star wars series? One thing that I've always wanted to see was a point and click adventure game of Star Wars(which to be fair, I'm kinda surprised that it didn't happen when Lucasarts was still around doing adventure games). Considering that Telltale games has been doing episodic games with the adventure games with a more serious approach to gaming. I would like to see an adventure game of Star Wars from Telltale games in the veins of The Walking Dead(meaning give the player the choice of being either good or evil).
Square? Wait, we would have to wait 10+ years for each game..
Hand it to an indie dev for that dank moisture farm simulator.

Bethesda for that creation club Skyrim integration.

Bioware for Knights of the Oh Wait they're owned by EA.

Sonic Team. I choose to give it to Sonic Team. For Entropy reasons.
Guys I can see some of you guys are joking about this, but I am being serious about this.
Well, the problem is that there's far too many variables and industry politics that we as consumers will likely never be made aware of. In my opinion, the best possible option would be a very inclusive licensing deal that leads to a lot of crap and a lot of gems thrown in, like the old days.
Uhh, Telltale? No thanks. Their formula doesn't work anymore, they need to stop.

Unoriginal answer - CD Projekt Red. They are already making a futuristic game with Cyberpunk 2077, they could do a Star Wars game.

Bungie would not be a bad choice either.
Naughty Dog or Insomniac would be great choices I feel.
(11-23-2017, 02:50 PM)The Antagonist Wrote: Uhh, Telltale? No thanks. Their formula doesn't work anymore, they need to stop.

Personally would've worked after Walking dead, but i see your point though.
Obsidian, so they can make the KOTOR III they wanted to make back in 2006.
Lucasarts-- oh wait damn. Oh what about Pandemi-- crap
Problem solved. So everyone shut up I have the solution.
Call them crazy sons of bitches back and lets get them to make all the games.

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