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Giving away game(s)
So there's a new Humble Bundle and they will give games everyday until the 25th. There is a chance they will give some games that I already have, like Garry's Mod.

So I decided to be humble and.... bundle? Whoever wants Garry's Mod tell me and I'll PM you with the link. If there are more than one of you i'll just pick randomly or something.
I'll update this post if I get something else.
I might go through what I have for extra codes and see if anyone wants them. Don't expect it to happen tonight
Yeah I've got a bunch of games I'm not playing in my Steam inventory, probably post a list tonight if ya'll want to dance for me.
Ok here's a list of goodies I've got rotting in my Steam inventory, just send me a PM with your Steam name and I'll shoot you a message. Probably keep it to 1 per not-customer just to try and spread my joy over as many peeps as possible

Castle Crashers - Great side scrolling beat em up, might have 2 copies of this one, not sure if the key still works but let me know if you really want to play co op with someone and I'll try to hook you up.

Brutal Legend - Never played it, am not interested in anything it has to offer, absolutely no clue why it's in my inventory. I've heard it's pretty neat though so go nuts.

Postal 2 - I have nothing to say I just really want this out of my inventory man.

Talisman Digital Edition - Fun board game, haven't tried the digital version but I have four copies for some reason.

Retro City Rampage - References - The Game.

Space Engineers - Hurts my brain but in a good way.

Sanctum 2 - Unpolished but enjoyable maze-building tower defense FPS hybrid. Had a lot of fun with it :)

Super Monday Night Combat - I think there's a better version of this that's free now?

Dino D-Day - FPS with Dinosaurs. This game cost me $.25 and was still better than Far Cry 3

Mount Your Friends/Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015 - Stupid joke games I got when they were less than a buck each, I'm making em a two pack because come on now.


Here's the keys I have leftover from bundles.

Alien: Isolation - Great horror game, I just don't like horror games so knock yourself out :)

FaceRig Classic - Why do I have this I don't even own a webcam

damn thought i had more


And a few weird bits of DLC I never used for whatever reason.

Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior - Play Chivalry as a Pirate or Ninja or something iunno when I watched the show they just had a bunch of terrorist groups kill eachother.

Xcom: Enemy Unknown ELITE SOLIDER PACK WOAHAHHHHHHH - i hate xcom what is this


And that's about it. Again just PM me your Steam info if you want a game or any DLC, or just ask me for a code for the two bundle things. Might not get back to you right away but I'll try my best. Merry Christmas ya'll :)
Damn, that's a big list.

I gave away Garry's Mod to a friend's friend.

I have Chivarly: Medieval Warfare if anyone wants it.
I actually have a few if anyone is interested, but how does one 'gift' a game on steam?

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