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Quantic Dream/David Cage/Guillaume de Fondaumière face serious allegations

David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière have been accused of Sexual misconduct, racism, homophobia, and over working employees. Fondaumière was specifically accused of inappropriately touching women employees at parties and being just generally sleazy. Cage and Quantic Dream on the other hand are said to have allowed as many as 600 images of employees in demeaning ways to be passed around the office, and this includes some Nazi imagery. Some of these images were even hung up along the wall. Cage's defense of these allegations is laughable at best, as he said him working with Ellen Page and Jessie Williams should be how you judge him. As for working with people who fight for civil rights or who support LGBT rights somehow excuses him. Honestly, it feels like I've been betrayed a bit here, because when some politicians came after Detroit: Become Human, I defended him and the game, and now I almost regret it. It's possible some of these accusations might be over the top, but when that much comes out against a person, a lot of it usually sticks. If any of it is true, it's disgusting.   
Really odd update to this story, but Sony Blacklisted the man who made the report about Quantic Dream:

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