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Super Mario Odyssey Delfino Island
Japanese ads for Mario Odyssey prominently featured Delfino Island from Super Mario Sunshine outlined on a map of the game's world.
[Image: spoilers-la-possibilite-dune-ile-dans-su...1-9930.jpg]
[Image: MarioOdysseyMap.jpg]

There's also evidence that this easter egg was planned to appear in-game as looking at the Odyssey's globe through some of the game's camera filters reveals that Delfino is modeledĀ but has been textured over with water making it invisibleĀ during regular gameplay.
[Image: DWzeRRfVMAAf9Mh.jpg]
Wether Delfino Island was planned to be a kingdom, or if it's planned to be released as DLC has yet to be seen. But the inclusion of the Sunshine Shades and the Sunshine Outfit (which originated in Super Mario Sunshine) that were released with the "Luigi's Balloon World" update could point to future plans.

[Image: 3339898-mario_odyssey_dlc_12.jpg][Image: 93px-SMS_sunglasses_and_shirt.png]

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