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Fighter’s Pass Vol. 2 Potentially Delayed Due to Coronavirus
Apparently an Arms character is the first DLC of the 2nd fighter pass and I am placing my bets on the one and only clown.

[Image: ht5a38kpjoy21.png]

First the Clown sighting of '16. Then Pennywise. Then the spread of the clown emojis. Then Joker makes a billion dollars in the box office.

It just makes perfect sense.
Trials of Mana Spirit Event Announced

(03-29-2020, 07:24 PM)Berry Wrote:

Speaking of which, I've noticed quite a handful of people (not you, berry) said that NoA employees are a bunch of pussies because of this. Gotta remenber that sometimes the concept artwork can look drastically different from the final product.

I wonder how Lola Pop looked like way back during the drafting process...
Masahiro Sakurai doesn't share which games he's currently playing because fans believe it's confirmation of a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character
In Masahiro Sakurai's latest column for Famitsu, he opens up about what its been like working from home.
Nintendo of America Wrote:Join Super #SmashBrosUltimate Director Masahiro Sakurai on 6/22 at 7am PT for a roughly 35-minute video livestream featuring an in-depth look at the upcoming DLC fighter from #ARMS!

There will be no further new fighter reveals other than a fighter from ARMS in this livestream.

Mark your calendars!
After three months or so of waiting, we finally know who the ARMS character is. it's Min Min!

It should be noted that the inclusion of Min Min debunks TWO fan-rules: "spirits deconfirm playable characters" and "the mascot/protagonist should come first before anyone else".

EDIT: during the presentation (around 6:35), Masahiro Sakurai mentions that when you search up Spring Man's name on your prefered web browser the results shows images of "a certain enemy from a certain manga" (this mostly works in Japan or if you search Spring Man's Japanese name which is スプリングマン). That manga is Kinnikuman. Mr. Sakurai was referencing Springman from the manga Kinnikuman. If you listen closely you can hear Sakurai say the words "Akuma Chojin", which is another proof that it is a Kinnikuman reference. In the translations they changed the term "Akuma Chojin" with "an certain enemy".

No idea why Mr. Sakurai refused to mention the Kinnikuman's series by name considering he explicitly mentioned Vegeta and the Dragon Ball series in the very same video (around 33:02). Sure, to some the reference might be quite obvious, but there were also people who thought Masahiro Sakurai was talking about a One Piece villian or even Mega Man's Springman (even thought the subtitles clearly read that the character comes from a MANGA, not a videogame).

Also, why do people think that was a One Piece reference? I tried looking up any One Piece character named Spring Man/Springman and I found nothing. The closest match was this character named Bellamy. But even then he is called Spring Human (バネ人間 Bane Ningen), not Springman (スプリングマン).

EDIT 2: Yes, the translator refused to translate a social distancing joke that Mr. Sakurai made. Masahiro Sakurai made a social distancing joke around the 19:55 timestamp that wasn't included in the subtitles (you can clearly hear Masahiro Sakurai saying the english words "social distancing").

The original Japanese lines goes like「密です。ソーシャルディスタンスというやつですね!」, which roughly translates to "They're far too close... They should be social distancing!". And again, you can clearly hear Mr. Sakurai saying the English words "social distancing".

Either the joke went over the translator's head or he refused to translate the joke because it involves a ""sensitive subject"".

Also, the American English presentation removed an scene featuring close-ups of Masahiro Sakurai console collection. Pretty much every other version of the Min Min presentation (BRITISH English, Italian, French, the Japanese original, etc) features that scene. Remenber, only the American English translation removed this. (British English, at 1:32) (Japanese original, at 1:32)

I'm too lazy to leave the respective links to the other versions (French, Italian, ect) but the timestamp is still the same. You can check it out by yourself.

Nobody knows why NOA decided to remove that specific shot.

Character trailer.

Min Min and version 8.0.0 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are now available. Here's the full patch notes:

EDIT: here are changes present in version 8.0.0 in action. Some changes not mentioned in the patch notes are also discussed here.

Why Min Min was the Right Choice (And Others Weren't) | Smash Bros Ultimate & Arms. A video by Stanpai.

Stanpai Wrote:In the days leading up to and following the reveal of Min Min for Smash Ultimate, many have taken to the internet to discuss whether or not Min Min was a good pick as the ARMS rep, as well as who they believe it should or should not be. In this video, we will do all of the above.
Octopath Traveler To Be Represented In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Next Spirit Event
Smash Ultimate to Receive Tournament Event Featuring Smash 4 Newcomers
Smash Ultimate Receives New Stage and Ver. 8.1.0 Update
Paper Mario: The Origami King Spirit Event Announced
Nintendo of America Wrote:The next #SmashBrosUltimate DLC fighter will be revealed tomorrow at 7am PT! The video presentation will be roughly 3 minutes long, followed by a brief message from Director Masahiro Sakurai. Tune-in here tomorrow:

BTW, there's also this.

Keep in mind, Suda's words can mean anything. It could mean Travis Touchdown is going to part of a Spirit event or a Mii costume. It could also be him just being mysterious because that brings more attention to his games and by extension Travis.
It's Minecraft Steve. Fighter 7 is Minecraft Steve.

Not gonna lie, he looks very cool and fun to play. Very creative moveset.

From the looks of it, this announcement broke the internet.

The Banjo vs Steve wars are officially over.

EDIT: here's the character trailer.

EDIT 2: I forgot, there's going to be a presentation on October 3rd where Mr.Sakurai will showcase Steve's moveset.

The amount of effort and care they put into the character is impressive. Kudos to Mr. Sakurai and his team.

Also, Minecraft Steve os going to ba available on October 13th.

(09-30-2020, 10:09 AM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote: Keep in mind, Suda's words can mean anything. It could mean Travis Touchdown is going to part of a Spirit event or a Mii costume.


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