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RE4 Professional references

Can anyone actually verify this? I mean, Leon is an old charcter in the series and was planned to star in this game from the very beginning. Professional is a pretty common difficulty setting also found in other games and is present in pretty much every RE game after 4. I guess there's really no explanation to the gun name Matilda but it's still different than the name Mathilda used in the movie.

My point is, this could be a reference to the movie but it's a tad too vague it seems. Is there a way to word the trivia so that it doesn't suggest that these are actually confirmed references?

Sorry to waste your time but this series is just close to heart for me :P
Not going to say you're wrong, but I've never seen any game except this one use the difficulty "Professional" besides later installments of Resident Evil after 4...
I edited it to reflect the fact that this hasn't been confirmed by either side.

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