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April 1st 2018 joke catalog
Looks like we reached that time of the year, huh?

The r/NeutralPolitics subreddit announced that they would shut down

Even thought it is a legitimate entry of the series, TierZoo uploaded a video talking about cryptids

Youtube channel ScrewAttack uploaded a "Top 10 numbers" video list

Even thought it is a legitimate entry of the series, Dreksler Astral uploaded a video talking about Neptune's moon Proteus.

The official YandereDev Youtube channel uploaded not one, but two Steamed Hams videos. One voiced by the actresses of Yandere Simulator and the other by the Yandere Dev himself. (voice by the YandereDev) (Voiced by the actresses)

Capcom annouced a new Street Fighter themed card game called HADO STONE (might as well post an archive in case the page gets deleted)

The official Two Best Friends Play subreddit changed it's theme to an "Reboot: The Guardian Code" one
Youtuber MowtenDoo uploaded one his usual remixes... or did he?

Shovel Knight 64 is coming!

64 as in the Commodore 64.
Fire Emblem Compendium changed their entire icon set to Pokemon.

[Image: unknown.png]
Sukeban Games has announced VA-11 Hall-A KIDS™!
Youtuber DiGi Valentine uploaded another one of his Who Dat videos except not really

Youtube channel AlternateHistoryHub introduces AlternateFutureHub
Adult Swin's saturday programming block Toonami went full Japanese

The CFN relased a new profile, and this one is focused HADO STONE player Mike Lunn!

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