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This is a twitter trend I can get behind. Post a picture of the 4 games or franchises that define you. 




[Image: NiCBJs1.jpg]

It's funny, if I knew nothing about you I'd heavily negatively judge you on those selections, but since I know a lot about you (30+ father with a steady job, wife and life) I can see that those DO define you quite well, lol.

As for me, I did this on Twitter, so I'll do it again here but with more reasoning.

Skies of Arcadia
[Image: skies-of-arcadia-legends_slider-932x524.jpg]

Everyone should know this is my favourite game mainly for the feeling of adventure that the game gave off, it was something that I had never felt before and never felt again. I absolutely adored it from top to bottom, and even things that should've annoyed me never did. I've still got the copy from 6 years ago, and the original save. However, this game actually defines me in a greater way than any of the others.

If anything, the game is the reason I am who I am today. When I played it in 2012, and finished it in 2013. Not much had changed for me, and as 2014 flew by nothing changed about me either but by 2015 rolled around and I was heading off to uni I was having a hard time fitting in and my knowledge and love of this game basically saved me. I talked about it here, but the main idea was that I came to uni and wasn't fitting in with the people I was staying with or having fun at the lectures and labs. I begrudgingly went to the video game soc they had and started talking to people who seemed similar to me and discovered one of them shared this game as his favourite as well and that bond basically started a new friendship and life that I've been living for the past three years.

The game basically confirmed my place here at this uni (since I was considering dropping out and moving to a new uni if I didn't like it by December) and started a life of Mahjong, Anime, Programming, Pool, Pub Quizzes and more. I remember thinking that I hadn't changed much since I was 16 when I was 19, well now I feel completely different to my 19 year old self and honestly if I hadn't played that game and loved it as much as I did, I doubt I'd be here at uni today.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
[Image: large.jpg]

I was 11 when I first played Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. I remember it quite fondly to be honest. My brother downloaded the game onto an R4 cart back in the Summer of that year (probably around September) and I remember that any new game he put on the cart would be something of interest since I could never update the games on there.

I started it and noticed he was already halfway through Case 2 (cross examining the final person, as well) and I tried my hand at what was going on. I had no idea how the game worked so I was reading what was being told, and was using evidence without thought (well, some thought I objected to Redd White talking about a 9am meeting, with Maya's phone that talked about meeting up at 9am, but it never worked) eventually I asked my brother if I could start a new game and play, and he said it was fine since he wasn't liking it as much.

When I got around to playing, man I LOVED it. The music, the characters, the gameplay. Case 1-4 remains my favourite case of the series, in my favourite game of the series. The first Phoenix Wright game basically gave me my most basic tropes for liking anything in media. (Strong vs Weak, Underestimating main character, loneliness, bad guys turning good, turning a situation around, mindgames and more). If I were to look at any of the games, movies, book, shows, manga, anime and such that I enjoy or rank highly I could probably link something back to the first Ace Attorney game.

To me, this game was basically a big change in my life. It was sort of like discovering porn or something when your 12 and seeing how your life has changed from then on. It's an odd comparison but by the time I finished the game, I really did feel a lot different as a person, and even though I never finished the final case until years later the game still stuck with me. I say it shaped me in terms of my taste in a lot of stuff, as well as some friendships, embarrassing teenage moments and more.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
[Image: 1*cdTD0fx2UK1cjmLsCnlclA.jpeg]

Though, I'm not sure about this myself. I'd say Ghost Trick has probably defined my in some way. It's one of the only games that I consider close to perfect that I've ever played, with the only debatable downside being that it is has no replay value since you remember it so clearly.

Honestly, it might no have shaped me like the above two did, but I like to think that the game was a good transition in my life. It was the last game I really loved in my teenage years before I became quite jaded in reference to newer games. The last game that I could really say has given off any sort of vibe these days are spaced out such as The Wonderful 101, Alien Isolation and Titanfall 2. Even on my 3x3, it's the latest game to ever come out if we're not counting the Japanese release for me. It just shows that after that gaming really took a turn for me, and my life as well. I was 14 when it came out and the only other game from that year on my 3x3 is Fallout New Vegas, yet that didn't really shape me as much as say Ghost Trick did.

I'd say that after that point in time I really wanted to find the best gaming could offer me. While nothing has surpassed Ghost Trick it's the game that made me want to find another game like it, and while I haven't the journey it has taken me on has been great in it's own right. Hell, to add onto the Skies of Arcadia point. I once offered this game to a friend who back then hated me for a few hours UNTIL I offer him this game (and he played it and enjoyed it) along with the fact I've given it to several people over the past three years and they've loved it as well.      

God Hand
[Image: Capcom-Pro-GH-Sequel.jpg]    

I'd say that for me God Hand was probably the game that elevated me beyond others in terms of games as well as the fact that the game is probably the "other" side of Phoenix Wright's trope making.

It's wacky, fun, over the top, hilarious, intense, fast paced as well as laid back. The game is pretty much the other side of me, and in a way it was also the game that really made me try and look for other games in a similar manner in this medium. It was probably the game that gave me/solidified my "good taste" in games. It was also a nice game to really remind me that I can be good at video games if I put my time into them, I can play and beat God Hand on Hard without much difficulty just because I practiced with it a lot mostly because it was so fun. It's in my top 3 just because it has infinite repeatability to me, I could play it again and again if I wanted to.

God Hand probably has the least to do with changing me overall (though I did spend a good 3 years on it to get good at the game since I loved it so much) but I do think that it gave me another set of tropes to enjoy and love, as well as helped me get a much better taste in gaming. It also made me make some cool friends both online and offline due to enjoying the game a lot. I can't really think of much else to say for it.

Honorable Mentions:
Sonic Adventure 2: The Chao Raising minigame made me join my first forum and I spent a good portion of my teenage years there. I'd say it was the reason I was able to join a site like this as well.
Metropolis Street Racer: While this game didn't really have much to do with me as a person, it's always the game I remember when I think of the time I stayed up all night to play the Dreamcast when I was 4 years old and from there it basically started me on this gaming adventure I've been on for the past 18 years.
Pokemon Red/Gold/Sapphire: Can't really pinpoint it, but I do know that these games did have a good effect on my life as well as my outlook on life as a kid. Also really made me want to go on an adventure, as well as other things. While I can't explain it well, I'd say these games really did have an effect on my childhood.
Link's Awakening/Minish Cap: Same as the above really. Really had an effect on my childhood as well as other things. The game basically gave me an interest in things like Swords, Shields, Bows, Arrows, Boomerangs, Bombs and such. I also really adored the world. Minish Cap was also my favourite game until I played Skies of Arcadia.

Thanks for reading this far if you did, but yeah that's what I think are the four games that truly described me.
#5 Hard to choose but these are my main 4.

Conker's Bad fur day- We will NEVER ever get a video game that can top this in this day in age. This is one of the rare times where someone can make fun of themselves, and be funny and clever about it. Its a shame Microsoft is doing jackshit about Rare's IPS.

CB Warped- I found this one more easier compared to the previous two Crash games, plus its got a killer soundtrack and its still fun.

Paper Mario- This(to me) is one of the many gems that is on the Nintendo 64, and is the highlight of the console. Bringing Mario into a new dimension for the world of gaming and making it a fun memorable adventure is something that Nintendo manages to do perfectly(can't be said for the post thousand year door games though, with the exception of Paper Jam).

OOT: This one is dear to my heart for personal reasons I cannot explain. I never felt happy in my life playing this Zelda game. I still treasure the memory of it.
Am I allowed to submit three games instead of four?
Legend of Dragoon disk 1
Legend of Dragoon disk 2
Legend of Dragoon disk 3
Legend of Dragoon disk 4

(Ok, in all seriousness):
F-Zero X
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
The Next Penelope: Race to Odysseus (I know, small indie game, but seeing the protagonist being flat out disabled and still living life to the fullest really did make an impact on me, plus it's just a super fun game to play/speedrun)
Hot Wheels Turbo Racing (first game I ever completed a speedrun of)
(04-29-2018, 12:52 PM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote: Am I allowed to submit three games instead of four?

I'm just going to assume the answer is "yes".

1. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (it cemented my current love for videogames)
2. God of War (it showed me that there is a world of options available outside of Nintendo)
3. Half-Life (it changed my overall tastes a little)
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