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RE:7 coming to Switch, but with some dumb catches

Besides the fact that this is currently only happening in Japan, you have to stream it to play it which means you can't play it anywhere but at home because it's always online. Beyond that, those in Japan have to pay half the price for the full game to stream it, but they only get it for 180 days. That means you'd pay the full for the game price in order to own it for a year. Even with the DLC included, that is one of the worst ideas I've ever heard of. The point of the Switch is to be able to play games anywhere, and with a system like this, you simply cannot, and you never own the game, you are renting with an always online connection to play it. That means if it makes it to the West, if it comes here a few months down the line, you'll have to pay for the internet, then pay for the game, only to basically borrow it. It also doesn't say anything anywhere that I can tell, but I imagine when the paid online service starts for the Switch, you'll have to pay for that if you already own the game, in order to continue borrowing it. If this becomes a regular thing, the Switch's popularity is going to plummet and fast, though I can't imagine this is being done as a one-off deal unless is sells poorly. Nintendo really messed it up with this one.
I wonder if any backlash on this would change it.
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(05-21-2018, 12:22 AM)Boyobmas Wrote: [Image: cKLAaJ5.jpg]

That about right, and people should get mad about it because one of the worst things you can do is pay to rent games digitally instead of just allowing it to be bought outright. It's a cheap way to make money.

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