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Hyrule warriors ost has an interesting classical music reference?
Hi everyone! I'm brand new to these forums but I thought that i'd still try to contribute a piece of trivia! (Yikes, I know).

Anyway, let's begin

In the beginning of Hyrule Warriors' "Legends Mode" campaign, specifically Chapter 1, right when you gain control of Link (or any playable character for that matter) for the very first time, an extremely intense and action-packed musical theme undercuts the ensuing battle, which in the ost to HW is called "Under Siege". This exact theme bears a striking and unmistakable resemblance to a classical composition called "Mars, Bringer of War" by British composer Gustave Holst, which is one of the tracks in his 32nd Opus known as "The Planets".

In the video linked below the theme from the game starts at 3:38.

And here's the HW theme alone:

And here is Holst's composition (skip to 4:24):

This seems incredibly appropriate due to the "under siege" theme being played when Link (and by extension the player) are thrust into a literal warzone. (even though Holst meant for his theme to be about the planet, hence the name, it's still named after the Roman God of War and even has "war" in it's title. It also helps that the LoZ series' lore seems to take some inspiration from real-world ancient cultures and mythologies.) Thus, it's possible it's more than just a coincidence.

On an unrelated note, if Holst's music sounds very, VERY familiar that's because John Williams used it as one of his primary inspirations for a lot of his Oscar-winning and incredibly icon Star Wars themes! ESPECIALLY in a new hope. (Star Wars also has heavy war themes like Hyrule Warriors)

(video explaining this below:)

Sorry for the long post.

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