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In the vein of an old thread our good friend Mr. Through used to play with,

I am going to chronicle my first time having played through Fire Emblem : Path Of Radiance. Naturally, this is going to be spoiler ridden beyond all reasonable expectation.

Day 1

There is no toggle all enemy movement range button. You have to do it manually each turn.

Anna's the tutorial lady?

;-; everyone's mean to Boyd

Titania is OP OP

Titania's getting like 1 experience

Boyd is actually pretty strong

I was expecting him to do much worse than he is so far

The Man The Myth The Legend

We meet at last

[Image: unknown.png]

Gatrie's dodge is hilarious.

Is Shinon always a buzzkill?

Day 2

alright, getting back into the spin of things today. We kidnapped a princess?

Reminds me of Final Fantasy 9 XD

;-; I just started to like Greil and then some jerk in a ravioli can went and stabbed him ;-;

Calm before Chapter 9. I have acquired a second mage. I still don't know how to use Soren properly. The sheer number of ranged units that can 2 shot him means he is low in experience and generally bored in a corner. I'm thinking of buying him a sudoku book.


Also, Boyd didn't survive the cavalry charge even when I gave him the poleax so he's not godly yet ;-; Had to restart ch. 8.

had Ike, Soren, Oscar, Mia and Rhys on the west with Rhys, Soren, and Oscar moving as needed. Ilyana and Ike held west pretty nicely, though Oscar had to pick up Mia and Ilyana once or twice. Titania held south gate sans one turn where I swapped her for Oscar so she could heal, then when South gate was gone Titania alternated with Boyd so he could heal.

;-; Soren so soft tho

and apparently he hates cat people. Soren no.

These are taken from conversations I was having before I decided to do this. Things will hopefully be a bit more composed should I make this a regular thing.
Day 3. Chapter 9. We now have child soldiers.

alright, I guess I'll put Miracle on Rhys. Okay its gone so its like a Pokemon TM.
I like Mordecai. He is really chill all things considered.
Lethe is mean. She starts lots of cat fights.
even the little kids are mean to Boyd ;-;
Are Laguz really slow to use? They seem like they would be.
Rolf is tankier than I thought he'd be.
Okay the Laguz are really strong, but its in a glass cannon sort of way. Only on half the time.
Mordecai has so much health though.
the enemy hanging back to heal has saved me so many times so far.
Their desire to live is a refreshing weakness.
wow these pirates are strong. They have poisonous axes. Too bad TITANIA SMASH.
how do you get to the houses on this map? I lost them. Apparently you get a Talisman and Restore Staff which kinda sucks to lose, but I'll manage without them.
RIP Villages.
Marcia, this pegasus knight lady, reminds me of Est. Apparently she's the best.
One thing I think I haven't mentioned is how overpowered the mounted units are in this game. They have canto so they can use their excess movement after they attack. Get 5 in a row in a tight corridor and all 5 can attack.

Does the ai not target untransformed Laguz or have I just been lucky?

wait pegasus gets canto too? OP OP

I can see why reddit says this game is horse emblem.

If I let Titania tank this boss guy's javelin until it breaks, will he eventually move to attack with the knight killer or is he a standard seize boss that won't move? Lets find out.

this is gonna take a while.

Wow, he actually landed a hit. Did like 8 damage.
He did it again. Deploying child heal bot. Double hit negated entirely.

Wait, does durability only go down on hits?
Evidently so.

This is going to take a while. Titania SWIFT.

Mist gained a STR. Mist Strong!
Deploying Oscar. He's less swift but has same DEF
Laguz currently bored in a corner turning into cats and back.
Oscar is presently a javelin mermaid.
one part man. one part javelin.

;-; Oscar you fool. Stop dodging.
Your brother Rolf needs to be Shinon tier by sun down.
Gave the Laguz some checkers.
Mist levels up quickly. I might just use her over Rhys once this is done.
I'll need to amazon delivery her a new heal staff though.
Be Mistified
[Image: unknown.png]
I wish I could do flips like Lethe.
I wouldn't want to flip, but her calf muscles must be insane.
The year is 2077.
His javelin has finally broken.
Now the small child can poke him for 1 damage for a month.
Is Rolf's Bow worth preserving?
I think he actually dented his armor this time.
Gonna get Marcia in on this rock throwing too.
Okay I looked it up. Its just a bonus weapon EXP iron bow.
Its really nice of this guy to return Marcia's javelins.
Now Oscar's throwing rocks too.
Lethe is now part of the National Gallian Chess Committee.

Kotaff, that's this boss guy's name. He's a real champ. I've been throwing javelins and arrows at his for 30 turns, and he returns the ones that miss. Really nice guy apart from the whole serving an evil king deal.

Oscar now does 4 damage to this guy. Marcia does "Missed".
The game's being really cute about Rolf teaching himself. I bet Shinon did it, but he's too caught up in his persona to want people to know.
Then again, he's missed less than Shinon.
This is gonna be tough to explain to the king guy that's waiting on us.
I bet he's a lion.
Marcia is still on her original javelin.

I wonder how big the turn counter gets.
Rolf did 2 damage this time. MVP
He be like "You dare insult the son of a shepard!?" - shoots arrow that bounces off ravioli can.

Rolf has now surpassed Marcia in level.
Nevermind. She finally hit the guy and ding'd

Mist can use her 2 STR to beat my other healer in a fight, but I'm not sure past that. I'm using Mist because apparently she gets a horse later. and a sword.
[Image: V34BvRo.gif]
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]

Marcia still couldn't hit the broad side of a barn if you painted a target on it.

tbh at this point I'm just curious if the turn counter hits triple digits.

[Image: unknown.png]

In fact it does.

I'm gonna let Soren poke him.
Wow Soren does like nothing.
Soren crits for 16
I'd lend this guy Mist if he'd let me.

I'm gonna let Marcia reach level 8 then its the mages' turn.
ding ding
I think she legit gained over half a level from missing.

;-; I accidentally killed him on turn 118.

Soren really really wants us to support the bad guy for some reason.

He really hates cats.

Mordecai just quoted Yoda. I like Mordecai less.

Cat Lady thinks I have skinny legs.

There are generic cat guys without eyes. I bet I'm gonna fight 'em at some point.

Chapter 9 completed masterfully and swiftly.

Apparently human is an insult in the cat people language.

We got paid money for rescuing the princess.

Money Money Money

Lethe keeps hissing at me. She better be a good unit, because she's really popular and I don't get why yet.

[Image: unknown.png]

Overall could be worse.

Going to go into the dialogue pre ch.10 and close out for today.

Marcia plays minecraft. Good with boxes. Also looking for her brother?

Lethe hates me :crying_cat_face:

Ike learned how to use a sword from two people that only use axes?
Oh boy
Rolf said "feather"
That's Shinon's deal.
He gonna get a copyright notice.

Mordecai has a strong shove. I can use him to juggle my enemies.
I still have no idea what a biorhythm is.
Horse Emblem? Mount Units too OP? Turn 100?

Turns out I've been playing this game wrong :/
:D I'm not playing it super seriously. Just kinda parroting what I've heard from speedrunners and Reddit when it comes to what's good or not.
Day 4 Chapter 10. Only 10 because my arms is still acting volatile.

Elincia on Tour
Begnion, eh? Cool name
Hey there's that helmet lady everyone likes.
Ike on a stealth mission? We're screwed.
Anna "not having any personal knowledge" of breaking down doors with axes is hilarious in hindsight.
seeing as in later games she can open doors and in Heroes she has an axe.
Woah there's a Bishop
I like this Brom guy.
Marcia's inability to do damage got me spotted. ;-;
my god these guards are tanky

Stealth is a non entity in this attempt.
I keep reading the top value as "damage to be done" and it keeps biting me

Should I unlock Sephiran's room? I'm not sure if there's a reason to. Eh, I'll let him stay in there.

Ooh this general guy has a master seal.

Do I need to let the prisoners know they're free? Okay, I do. Just not for Kieran.

I like this Brom guy.
He smiling.

Marcia is too slow to double a door.

How does Brom know about the princess if she was kept secret? Oh. He doesn't.

My mistake was trusting the stealth capabilities of a pegasus. Metal Gearcia.

Does shove do damage?It just occurred to me that I hadn't used it yet is all. Nope, shoved Nephenee.

[Image: Verspada-Palladion.jpg]

Mordecai is so strong.
I would have used Panne in Awakening so much if she was like this.

;-; Titania's like a pokemon when I'm trying to catch things. Crits when I want something else to happen.

Ooooh Counter

Should I wait for the yellows to reach the escape square?

They do escape if you reach it at least.

I like this Kieran fella

Nephenee and Brom are the villagers of this game?

I mean soldier is kinda like Awakening villager, no?

I don't trust this Sephiran guy. He's got Soren's hair style and Soren hasn't been doing well.

Chapter 10 is completed. :D
Chapter 11. Blood Runs Red. Spooky
Ooh a port :D
"We need disguises"
[Image: unknown.png]

Soren's got a wicked tattoo don't he? Gives me Harry Potter vibes. but nihilistic.

Soren mad. I bet I was right about that Sephiran fella is Voldemort.

[Image: unknown.png]

Oscar and Ike wanna hunt bird laguz apparently.

Kieran seems a little quixotic.

Brom has a pet rock.

I got an anti-laguz sword.

Arm's a burnin' so that's it for today.
Cowptain's Log. Day 5.

[Image: Di52XeuVsAE0Xqh.jpg]

Chapter 11.

Doing Chapter 11 of PoR atm
Ike uses his cape like a blanket. I find this cute for some reason even though it makes perfect sense.

These people are being attacked and are more worried about the man with kitty ears.
Is there any reason to not attack the town vigilantes?
Looked it up Bexp. I'll just see how it goes.

Oh hey Burger King's in town. He's not subjugating my forces at least. He's having it my way.

The cat man with the funny hat ran away. Can't say I blame him all things considered.

Kieran's first swing. Crit kill. I like this guy already.

Titania. Smash.

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Ouch. 1 EXP territory. Titania don't smash.

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Fates and Heroes still got me thinking Volke's a ranged unit.

Zihark GOT

Dracoshield GOT

Nephenee's ability to hit things worth a damn ACKNOWLEDGED.

Enemy knight HAMMERED.

This boss is using a bow. RIP this boss in a turn.

Haar's sleepy.

[Image: unknown.png]

Kieran can't hit the broad side of a coastline.

and the Burger King is here now.

Kieran died time to restart.
I hate that ranged weapons can be blocked by terrain in this game. It makes sense but it feels so wrong.

The conversation's a little different when you initiate recruiting Zihark. Neat.

At least I didn't lose any villages this time around.

Marcia has a killer lance. RIP everything.

I figured out when Jill shows up.
Its when Mordecai finally turns into his cat form.

Killed the boss before Barley Korn showed up.

and he's here. Shouldn't've said anything.

Mordecai is so strong. Its a shame it takes a month to rev his engine.

;-; everything's gone so smoothly then my Oscar got a no stat level up.

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
Black Knight right now.

Soren just did 5 damage to a knight. Why is my Soren so cursed?

Map cleared.

[Image: 4W6a7sg.gif]

Ranulf and the Barking Knee have met apparently.

Ranulf's cat form is so cute.

Hey, that prison bishop's back. He's friends with Darth Vader.

Haar was asleep through the map.

Chuck Norris showed up. Will he fight Anakin too? Nope. Scared.

These bad guys are pretty comically evil.

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

I'm on a boat.

This Giffica dude in the football uniform is HUGE.

Holy. Ashnard's got a wrinkled brow. We have a worm apparently. I bet its Nasir. Gallia has bear units?

Bird pirates!
That's so cool!
Rolf, you gonna get some love in these missions aren't ya?

I bet these conversations with Mist are really weird if she dies before hand.

Ike is a sheltered child isn't he?

Nasir's a laguz? He has Soren's tattoos. Is Soren a laguz?

[Image: unknown.png]

I met Sothe. He looks like a Kingdom Hearts character. Ike just assaulted a Kingdom Hearts character and made him my friend. Is this what he means by "fighting for friends" in Smash Bros?

Poor Ilyana gets seasick. Ilyana's a Dragon Quest character in the wrong game I swear.

I like Volke. Volke eats alone.

So many supports this mission.

Titania and Mist going clothes shopping makes me happy.

I gave Rolf a longbow.
[Image: unknown.png]
I think Mia has met her new best friend. The bench. Zihark STRONG

[Image: unknown.png]
4 STR absolute unit.

[Image: unknown.png]

Chapter 12 begins now.
We ran aground Nemo's reef. Marlin's gonna be angry.

We're being attacked by bird pirates that fly.

This map is really simple actually. I'm a little surprised.

Ilyana died. Time to restart. Didn't even get to turn 2.

Soren got a kill! I'm so proud!

The coin item is really funny. 1 gold nugget essentially.

Jill is really strong. She took 2 damage from one of these guys.

The boat mechanics are really weird. The border of the boat is treated like a 2 range spot even though its only a 1 range spot, and the birds don't fight back because they have 1 range weapons.

I apparently recruited Jill? I think she thinks she's in charge.

Huh, this guy's name is Seeker. Neat.
He gave good exp.

This longbow was a good idea!

If I don't kill the last one, will these guys just keep coming?

Kieran got doubled by a bird he was attacking.
They Nyooooom.

Beat it on turn 12.

Woah there are dragons here! I guess it is their country.

This guy looks like Soren. Prince "Kurthnaga".
They also have the face paint.
I hope we see this really tall guy a lot. He looks cool. Gareth? Good name :D Man of few words it seems.

Dragon fellas lifted our ship outta the reef. Beats the towing companies around here.

I bet Soren's one of them dragon fellas. He looks like the prince.

Chapter 12 completed.

[Image: unknown.png]
>:D Life has many feathers, Bird Boys! ~ Rolf probably

This Daniel fella's explaining the mission it seems. He plays DnD with his brother.

Aimee just got shot down so hard I feel bad for her.

Boyd, Oscar, and Rolf have a Triangle Attack!? They're a cavalier, a fighter, and an archer!

Are Oscar and Kieran the Abel and Cain of this game? It just occurred to me that their armor matches up.
Cow's Dairy. It has been many eons since last we made contact.

I've made no progress whatsoever.

I master seal'd Mist. I think it went well.

[Image: unknown.png]

I do not remember the explanation for this mission. Lets do this!

This apostle character sounds like a child.

There are so many boats. ;-;

Found Johnny Bravo again.

[Image: unknown.png]

These crow guys have really contemporary piercings and jackets.

Fighting started. Gatrie's "No Damage" signs are very refreshing.

RIP. Gotta restart. Astrid died before I got a 2nd turn to actually reach her. She didn't even get a turn.

Alright, she survived with like 3 health this time, ran to a corner and healed. We good.

Even healing gives you canto! This is crazy strong.

Ah yeah, Titania still smashes.

Kieran is destroying today. 2 crits in a row. 1 shot one too.

Does it matter if the generics die?

Astrid's promise 18 damage was a 7. :\

Jill is so strong. I think I'll use Jill.

Johnny Bravo recruited.

I keep forgetting Kieran's weakness is he can't hit the broad side of a glacier. He and Boyd seem to share that trait.

Marcia got a point in MAG. Are there magic lances in this game?

I like Nealuchi. His head looks like a bird's nest.

So many conversations on this map. and same turn reinforcements ;-;

Does this Tibarn guy really not understand that people fight each other even if they don't have varying quantities of wing?

Trying to get all the chests. The boss, Norris is gonna be killed by generics if I take too long.

The birds are really easy to manipulate to fly in circles.

Oh shit, Norris moved!

RIP last generic.

The boss is now actively pursuing me.

Sigrun's here.
Got all but 1 chest. ;-;

Tanith's a babysitter it feels like. This "apostle" seems to disappear a lot and has done so now.

Hey, there's a kid here named "Sanaki". How do you say that? "Sah-Nah-Key", "Say-Nack-i" "Snack-e"?

I was right. This kid is the apostle. She talks funny.

I love how everyone immediately doubts her claim.

"The Goddess Ashera". That sounds menacing. I wonder if she wears a hat backwards when she gets serious.

Its talking about Begnion's power structure. I bet Ike's gonna punch a duke.

This is getting into some weird class system talks. Ike's definitely gonna punch a duke.

This Sanaki lady said Ike's a royal knight of Crimea and a prince. She did it as a joke, but I'm 30% expecting it to be true.

Sephiran got brought up again. Also, a guy in a stupid hat tried to kill Ike. Neat.

Sephiran's the prime minister of Begnion and a Duke named Belsys. Can you imagine how panicked people would be if the prime minister of a real country went around disguised as a prison monk?

[Image: unknown.png]

I bet its gonna be this guy. I don't know how to feel about Sanaki yet, but her entourage is annoying outside of Sigrun.

Yep, its a class system allegory right now.

Ike seems to act proper around Elincia but hates acting proper around nobles. Odd.

I'll leave this off here for now in case the supports and info have things I should know for Chapter 14.

[Image: latest?cb=20160824123453]

This is Gareth. I have been informed that the incredibly short interaction I had with him earlier in the game at Ch.12 is literally the only time he appears in Path Of Radiance. ;-; He's so cool looking though.

I hope he has a bigger role in the sequel.

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