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RIP Stan Lee

I.... I don't know what to say.

Some tributes I could find about Stanley Martin Leiber, including a highlight of some of his best works. Works that he brought to life in whole or in part.
Want to thank The Man for jumpstarting a legacy in the Comic world, which has nourish to something much bigger and for inspiring countless people to be creative.

Damn, and to think that I spent nights reading Comics as a kid and thinking Stan Lee was God amongst man. Bless him and Jack Kirby.
[Image: 1ud1fnrq75y11.jpg]
Heh. I was actually planning on posting that. You beat me to it.

DC comics has given their respects for Stan. I will admit. I'm surprised Stan managed to make it through this long. He did a lot for the comic community. He put heroes on the map, and he was the grandfather that everyone loved to see. Its a shame I never got the chance to meet him. I'll make a tribute to him later. Rest in peace Stan, give my regards for Kirby and Kurtzman when you're up there. Excelsior!

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