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Game Grumps discussion
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The online show "Game Grumps" has gained a huge following on YouTube and currently has over 1.5 million subscribers. The series follows EgoRaptor and Danny Sexbang, and formerly JonTron, one who's grump and the other who's not so grump, as they play through various video games whilst providing hilarious commentary.

As it's gained a huge following, there have been some great fan submitted content such as artwork, animations of their episodes and song remixes of certain dialogue.

So discuss the show here, your favourite episodes, what games they should play next and your favourite fan content.
I want them to play Dokapon Kingdom
Been a fan of em from the start and will stay that way for a long long time, love their Sonic 06 stuff.
I've been a fan of them since their first wave of playthroughs (LttP, Mega Man 7, etc) and I've loved Sonic '06, but I've found that particular playthrough to get stale. Don't get me wrong, I want to see them finish it (if only to see their reactions to
) but there's only so much of them wandering around aimlessly and outright ignoring the instructions given to them in the game that I can take.

It'd be cool to see them play Rayman Origins, too. Plus, it's a 2D platformer, so they can't get lost!
Been a fan since the start, I love them, So much fun watching them derp around. My favorite series is Sonic 0'6, And my favorite episode has to be episode 20 of Sonic 0'6: WHAT IS THIS?
I liked their earlier stuff where they would talk about game design and make jokes. Now I think their newer stuff is just noise to me.
I've sort of been a fan from the start. My first impression was meh, but I grew to love their humor.
I remember when they first started, I really enjoyed watching their stuff. However I've found myself watching other channels instead. I do still watch their stuff sometimes but usually only the one off episodes like the Drakkhen one which recently aired.

However with all that said I do still enjoy some of their stuff. But do find myself wishing that they would release more of their own content on their separate channels. But that's just personal preference.
I think they're hilarious, but like others have said it starts to get annoying when they're clueless what to do right after the game tells them.
But still, I watch them everyday, it's it's almost scary how relatable some of their stories or 'real talk' are.

Also for fan content I recommend The Fast Runner (song) and Fool (animation).
I liked 'em at first(still do) but I haven't kept up with pretty much anything they've done. I stopped Sonic '06 during the 30s but I LOVE watching their random one-off episodes like Mary Kate and Ashley crap or [insert random game].
my favorite has got to be Kirby superstar, that playthrough is just hilarious

also did anyone watch a few game grumps animated ?
Sorry... But I guess I never understood the appeal. I can't recall which game I started to watch a play through of, but I only lasted a little bit since I can't appreciate their sense of humor.

I have to admit, though, it has a lot to do with Two Best Friends. They are exactly what I'm looking for in LPers and I unsubscribed to a lot of them because I didn't find them as funny. I'm really close to even not watching The Runaway Guys anymore.
(03-17-2013, 08:33 AM)Lightmatt Wrote: I liked their earlier stuff where they would talk about game design and make jokes. Now I think their newer stuff is just noise to me.

Dammit Lightmatt, stop making good points.
And yeah I have to agree with him on this one, hearing Arin talk about game design is really entertaining, but it gets drowned out most of the time by burping and loudness. That being said, sometimes the noise can be fun to watch, but for the most part it's just starting to feel old.
Oh, and Barry and the fan edits really make the show for me, here are two of my favorites:
Love the Game Grumps, been watching them since their sonic 06 playthrough started. Kirby and any mario party playthroughs seem to be the funniest.

This has been bugging me for awhile, but is Barry actually a person or just a joke? I remember Arin saying that they take turns editing them back in the beginning, and I can't take them seriously.
Well there is an actual editor named Barry who's a friend of theirs (And PBG, fun fact), but to be honest it might just be a running joke. This should be a documentary, "Hunt for the elusive Barry"

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