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Where do I get started with comics?
I've recently got back into Superheroes in general and have seriously been into it for the past few days.I want to get some comics or even know where to start but I'm not sure where.I know there was the Detective comics in the 1930's but more recently in 2011 with New 52 and Convergence and stuff.
I've watched a few of the tv series like Justice League Unlimited, Batman Brave and the Bold,Young Justice and Green Lantern the Animated Series.I genuinely want to get into comics but it seems like I'm not sure where to start along with timelines so I would appreciate if you all could help me get started ;)
Hmmm, good question!
I would recommend reading compilations of some of the more famous comics (e.g. X-Men's Dark Phoenix saga) and then going from there to other comics.
I would also advise looking out for compilations of comics so having to seek out every issue would not be a problem.
If anything I would also advise that you ask others (particularly those at specialist comic book stores) for info about different timelines.
I hope this helps! :)

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