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Music round category ideas - a trade
Hey everyone! I do a trivia night once every couple of weeks at a local bar. I do themed trivia, so every round has a couple of categories. I also do a music round - and yup, I keep the categories going. I'm hoping if I share some of my past rounds, I'll inspire your trivia brains and you can share your ideas with me... I'm running out of ideas! Please feel free to give song example inspiration... xvideos xnxx xxx
The way I've learned to best score this for our night is that it's a full point for the name of the song, and if you don't know the name then you get a half point for knowing the artist. If you get both, you earn the respect of your teammates, cause I'm not giving out 20 points for this round and no one wants to do 1.5 point math.
Anyway, please help me think of more ideas (** means they had to guess the category)
Canadian bands/singers

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