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Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors
This is a general thread collecting all trivia related to the 1997 PC game Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors.

Doctor Who: The Dalek Handbook
From page 94 of the book Doctor Who: The Dalek Handbook released in 2011.

[*]They weren't able to record anything new for the aliens and monsters in the game, despite allowed for the Doctors and the Master. The game's writer Gary Russell had to search through episodes of the Doctor Who television show for sounds bites which they could use.


The Essential Doctor Who: The Master
From page 92 of the magazine The Essential Doctor Who: The Master released in 2015.

[*]The game had finished development before the airing of the Doctor Who TV movie in May 1996, however, it would not be released more than a year later in December 1997.
[*]There were originally plans to include all of the surviving actors who had played the Doctor in the show including Jon Pertwee (bar Paul McGann), however Pertwee wasn't included in the final game due his passing in 1996 so archive dialogue from the show was used.
[*]It was originally planned to have new footage featuring the Doctors, but as the budget had been reduced over time, only Anthony Ainley as the Master had new footage recorded with the other actors relegated to just recording audio.
[*]Gary Russell, one of the game's writers, never attended any of the blue screen recording sessions featuring Anthony Ainley out of fear the actor would recognize him. In 1985, Russell had written a review for Doctor Who Magazine critiquing the TV serial Mark of the Rani which starred Ainley, which the actor took offence to and wrote a complaint letter to the then-publisher Marvel UK. Ainley disavowed the magazine from ever using images of him for a period of time or conduct any interviews, however, he would eventually provide permission again but for a price. 


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