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Sim Theme Park / Theme Park World log drum sound
Asking for opinion on this and if conclusive may then ask it to be moved to trivia evidence.

In the game Sim Theme Park, also known as Theme Park World, by Bullfrog Productions for PC, PS1 and PS2 released in 1999, the music to the world Lost Kingdom has a particular log drum beat which is repeated.

In the third episode of the early 2000's animated series Jackie Chan Adventures title "The Mask Of El Toro Fuerte", there's a moment inside a temple Jackie's in which sounds like the same log drum sample. From 0:50 the tune starts.

What are your thoughts on this? Are they the same and are there any other examples of this same beat in other media?
Could be from some kind of sample cd/library of some kind. Honestly not that suprising for me.

Music can be often sourced from the same sources. For example, a sample from the "Symphony Of Voices" library can be heard herehereand here (though that is played by a synth, but still the same thing.)

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