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"Beats Like This" in Dancing Stage EuroMIX
Within the data of Dancing Stage EuroMIX is unused graphics for the song "BEATS LIKE THIS" by UNKNOWN PROJECT. It has a banner, background, stepcharts and a CD graphic too, as shown here:

However, what's really interesting with these graphics is, as evidenced with a EuroMIX exclusive license, it doesn't share the generic font that other banners licensed for EuroMIX do.

For example, the song "(Mucho Mambo) Sway" has this banner:

[Image: %28Mucho_Mambo%29_Sway.png]

But "BEATS LIKE THIS" has this banner:

[Image: DSeuromixAC-beatsBN.png]

It could be that this was merely a rejected Dancemania license from 3rd Mix/3rd Mix PLUS! - this song does appear in Dancemania Speed 2 (Track 21), as noted here:

It's just a theory but these unused graphics are still interesting nonetheless.

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