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The Outfits of One of the Rabbids in TMNT Smash Up
Having been developed by Ubisoft, the Rabbids make an appearance of some sort in the TMNT game TMNT Smash Up:

One of them wears goggles similar to that of Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell, of which be the one that's identified as Splinter Rabbid:
Thought I'd include this as well in case staff once viewing this Trivia Evidence piece will want to see a source with the name Splinter Rabbid, considering how the one I provided already does not list how each Rabbid is named:
Saw that this got approved in the unpublished trivia, in addition to the fact that a lot more info was added in. To accompany that, I guess I should put something else into this Trivia Evidence Piece, being that Ninja Rabbid is based off the titular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

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