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April 1st 2021 joke catalog
Looks like we reached that time of the year, huh?

MasakoX of TFS fame (as well as his Dragon Ball WHAT IF videos) uploaded this.

From a Project X Zone fighting game to a smelly Guilty Gear, here's the best April Fool's Day jokes from around the FGC

Smashboards became FighterZboards, themed after Dragon Ball FighterZ. Users' avatars were changed into various Dragon Ball characters.

Smashboards also released an article talking about how Mario died on March 31st, 2021 (referencing the discontinuation of various Mario products as the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary celebration ended) and that Luigi had used the Dragon Balls to revive Mario.

Marth also died on March 31st but of course no one remenbers his death SMH.
Even thought it is a legitimate entry his video series, youtube channel AlternateHistoryHub uploaded a video talking about the world according to Ancient Aliens.

Even thought it is a legitimate entry of the series, outsidebox uploaded a video about 7 April Fools' joke that became true.
Today Square Enix released new trailers of NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… AKA the NieR Replicant remake. Thought these trailers look a little different.

The gameplay shown here is actually legit, mind you. The April Fools joke here is the way the trailers are edited.
How The Suez Crisis Might Give Rise To A New Industry
YouTuber Papagenos tries Super Mario RPG for the FIRST TIME!!!1!

From the video description:
PapaGenos Wrote:I try playing Super Mario RPG for the FIRST TIME!!! Geno is my most wanted character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate but like most Geno fans I've never actually played the game he's from! So today I'm finally going to try playing Super Mario RPG for the first time!!!

Metro Exodus - Arachnophobe Edition

From the video description:
metrovideogame Wrote:We are thrilled to announce another addition to our Metro Exodus Edition line up, the Metro Exodus Arachnophobe Edition.

We are not in the business of haunting the dreams of our fans, not in a horror game, so we have made a special edition that outs little party hats on all of our arachnid friends to make them... friendlier.

* this is an April Fools joke - we live to haunt your nightmares*
videogamedunkey uploaded a top 10 of the hottest female Mario characters.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) is now a complete game.

It is a legit annoucement, but I still think it belongs here.

This was one of the four announcements made during Landfall Day 2021.
El Chavo is coming to Smash Ultimate! Making him the first Smash character that doesn't come from a videogame!

Suck it, Goku fans!
Coming soon: Adult Swim Jr.

Even thought its a legitimate video, Nintendo Life uploaded a review on Doshin the Giant for the GameCube.

Aether Studios released a teaser trailer for their new 3D project:

It is unknow if this legit or a joke.

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