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Uploading interviews (including those performed by me for the site)
Hi there!

I was wondering how can I upload a gaming interview from outside the web for one of the facts on this site?

Say, I find an interview on a magazine. Do I type it word for word and then condense it once I make the fact?

Also, with me earning my associate’s degree in Journalism recently, I’ve been more open to performing interviews, including game developers and actors. How can I properly do that? 

I worry about a fact getting rejected because it’s either only an image of it, or there’s no actual source attached to it.

Let me know and thank you!

For something like an interview in a magazine, if no digital copy exists, a scanned page (or pages) would be acceptable. For your own interviews, if they're filmed, uploading them to YouTube should be sufficient as long as it is obvious enough that the person you are interviewing is who they say they are.
Thank you!

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