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Dead Rising - Wii Version
A Wii version of the game titled Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, has features that were either changed or added in which are not present in the original Xbox 360 version :

  • Upon completing the game, Ending A is the only ending that can be obtained apart from the other endings present in the Xbox 360 version.
  • The save feature has been changed to add multiple save slots compared to only one in the Xbox 360 version.
  • 72 Hour mode and Overtime became one mode altogether, with side missions no longer taking up the main timeframe in the game. 
  • A ranking system has been added based on how fast the player completes a mission to unlock new missions and rewards. 
  • Two game modes, Odd Jobs and 2nd Amendment, have been added. And unlocking the Real Mega Buster and Laser sword require the player to beat all missions on both game modes with an S rank. 
  • More costumes can be unlocked, with the inclusion of both Roll Caskett from Mega Man Legends and Nathan Spencer from Bionic Commando.
  • Psychopaths Kent Swanson, Jo Slade, and Cliff Hudson have become zombies while Paul Carson has been omitted from the game entirely. 
  • Cletus Samson can be saved in the Wii version unlike the Xbox 360 version, where he gets eaten alive by zombies.  
  • The inclusion of zombie parrots and poodles.
  • Books and Firearms can no longer be found within the mall and instead are sold to Frank by Cletus. 
  • Firearms no longer break upon being used.   
  • Zombies drop ammo or money once killed. 
  • The Camera feature is absent in the Wii version. 
  • Infinity Mode is no longer a playable game mode.
  • Killing 53,594 zombies unlocks the Apocalypse Frank costume unlike in the Xbox 360 version, which unlocks the Real Mega Buster.
  • Leisure Park has its area shortened and can no longer drive any vehicles within the park. The player can still drive in the maintenance tunnels. However, they must pay a fee to drive a different type of vehicle. 
  • Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties have been added. 
  • The option to change blood color to Red, Blue, and White has been added. 
  • Only 100 zombies appear at a time on screen instead of 800 in the Xbox 360 version. 
  • The firearms Frank uses are the same ones from Resident Evil 4.  
  • Juices have their abilities changed to how herbs work in the Resident Evil series. The Blue juice, however, turns Frank into Mega Man from the Mega Man series.
  • Frank's fighting skills have been converted to combat events used only when battling psychopaths. 
  • The jump ability has been removed, so Frank can no longer jump to reach higher places.
  • Obstacles have been included, unable to access certain places. 
  • Cutscenes have been pre-rendered so Frank's appearance no longer affects the in-game cutscenes. 
  • Subtitles have been enlarged to make up for the small lettering found in the Xbox 360 version.  
  • Survivors' health bars no longer display their names nor can Frank injure any survivors. 

The Wii's graphical capabilities were not capable of handling the MT Framework used to develop the game for the Xbox 360, so the game itself was entirely remade from scratch with implementation of the Resident Evil 4 Wii Engine due to the game's positive reception for the Wii. 


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