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Bayonetta 1&2 - Nintendo Switch/Wii U exclusives
Exclusive only to the Nintendo Switch and Wii U ports of the series, Nintendo-based characters have been added as additional costumes:

[*]Both the Mushroom Kingdom Princess and Sarasaland Princess costumes resemble Princess Peach and Daisy from the {{Mario}} series with Mario and Luigi charms attached.

[*]The Hero of Hyrule costume resembles Link from {{The Legend of Zelda}} series. Equipping the Shuraba with this costume will turn the current weapon into the Master Sword.

[*]The Galactic Bounty Hunter costume resembles Samus Aran from the {{Metroid}} series. Samus's blaster cannon can be used without needing to equip a weapon skill.

[*]The Star Mercenary costume only introduced in [[Bayonetta 2]]  resembles Fox McCloud from the {{Star Fox}} series. Equipping the Love is Blue/All 4 One with this costume will turn the current weapon into Arwing Guns, each having charms that resemble Fox, Falco, Slippy, and Toad.

P.S. I already submitted it as trivia with more information added.
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