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Discussion: Minecraft Representation in Smash Prior to Steve Being a DLC Fighter?
Ultimate's first fighter pass of DLC Fighters consists of those from franchises that've never had any representation in Smash Bros. prior (except for Byleth apparently who's a Fire Emblem character that the developers couldn't wait for the next Smash Bros. game for Nintendo's next system to have join the battle), the 2nd fighter pass meanwhile appears to be the opposite of that. This makes me wonder how there's been Minecraft representation at any point prior to Steve's arrival as a DLC Fighter, unless he only ended up being in the 2nd Fighter Pass due to not having been able to be included in the first because of this:
Since there also hasn't been any Kingdom Hearts aspects represented in Smash Bros. games prior to Sora's arrival, I guess I stand corrected, leaving it a mystery as to what the approach of the 2nd Fighter Pass had been.

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