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Advent Rising - Mario easter eggs
There are warp pipes that can be found within the game that are a striking resemblance to the ones from Super Mario Bros. The player can access the first warp pipe earlier by either enabling the "Time Shift" cheat code to reach it in a balcony or without cheating by finding six buttons within Chapter 1 in a specific order, revealing a rainbow bridge, which resembles the Rainbow Road track from the Mario Kart series. The second warp pipe can be found in Chapter 4-B by also finding six buttons in a specific order. Entering either warp pipe will discover a secret room with three more warp pipes along with 8-bit music playing in the background, which pays homage to the Warp Zone from World 1-2 in Super Mario Bros. Each of the warp pipes take the player directly to certain points in the game:

The first set of warp pipes take the player directly to chapters 4-A, 3-A, and 2-A.

Chapter 4 - The Awakening Part A: The left pipe takes you directly to the intermission sequence where Marin, Giddeon, and Olivia take off.  

Chapter 3 - Extinction Agenda Part A: The middle pipe warps the player to the top of a building in New Bahn.

Chapter 2 - Surface Tension Part A: The right warp pipe warps the player to the escape pod intermission sequence.

The second set of warp pipes take the player directly to Chapters EP-A, 6-A, and 5-A (Not accessible in the PC Version): 

Left pipe: EP - Epilogue Part A

Middle pipe: Chapter 6 - Turning Tides Part A

Right pipe: Chapter 5 - Crossed Lines Part A

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