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Wrong Lyrics Listed in Just Dance Games
After submissions that were seemingly censored and still mentioned on the ESRB Website turned out not worthy enough, I started wondering if I should go for something else with Just Dance related trivia. Eventually I thought I should do the same sorts of submissions I did in 2015, talking about incorrect lyrics featured in Just Dance games: and

Since wikis have now become a forbidden source, the best way to go with posting submissions like this would be through Trivia Evidence pieces, of which would contain the music video of the song itself, gameplay of the Just Dance song and something that lists the official lyrics.

In Just Dance 2016, the lyrics to Heart Beat Song by Kelly Clarkson "and I'm so used to feeling numb" are misinterpreted on screen as "and I'm still used to feeling dumb".

The Official Lyrics:

In Just Dance 2018, the lyrics to John Wayne by Lady Gaga "so here I got to the eye" do not contain the word here when appearing on screen.

The Official Lyrics:

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