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King of Fighters '94 - Stage Cameos
[Image: 1qvqr11gyxd41.gif]
Kyo's girlfriend, Yuki, appears in the background of the Japan stage.

[Image: 16bc280c818cf6a13628e34e88d25b3dfd680998.gifv]
The Italy stage features cameos of Fatal Fury characters in the background: Cheng Sinzan, Big Bear, Tung Fu Rue, Duck King, and Jubei Yamada.

[Image: b7bd0acc9b14501d5c0618dbf87c4573463916e7.gifv]
The Mexico stage features cameos of SNK characters in the background:
[Image: l2bh2n0susb71.gif]
Athena, Kensou, and Chin's luggage are lying in front of the shrine.

[Image: kof94_brazil-5f781fb88fd54c7866a2384792359e22.gif]
The Brazil stage contains a reference to Apocalypse Now.

[Image: kof94-stage-usa.gif]
The USA stage contains a reference to the films Blues Brothers and Cheech & Chong, as well as hip-hop groups Kriss Kross and N.W.A.

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