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Anarchy Reigns - Blacker Baron influences
The design for Blacker Baron has several influences. His design and personality are largely based on Bob Sapp, an American wrestler that was popular in Japan.
[Image: baron_sapp01.jpg]

The design of his weapon "Super Sexy Fists of Fire" is based on American rapper, Ghostface Killah, whose rap persona is a powerful crime lord and pimp.
[Image: 5yj5qk7mbzr71.png?width=628&format=png&a...0bfb9b82b8]

Baron's gold teeth with "F★ck You" written across them are a reference to the Marvel supervillain, Baracuda.
[Image: 2nlzb8ugbzr71.png?width=640&crop=smart&a...07ad74aea3]

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