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How do you motivate yourself?
For anything. Getting out of bed, to school, to work, to the gym, to study, to peel yourself away from the computer, etc.

I for one threaten myself with physical violence and warnings about what a piece of crap I deserve to feel like if I don't do anything. Perhaps there is a more proactive approach.

THAT SAID, I should be motivating myself to study RIGHT NOW!
I had the motivation problem at a young age till I decided to...just do "it". As in, "fuck may as well go do that shit".
Procrastination is usually the problem and still is, but realising what's important is when you need to get your task done. You need to study now but you're at home, I don't ever study at home but at Uni because I know I'll get distracted. Going to library/learning area essentially forces you to work/study. I really doubt you're going to study at home so you should really FORCE yourself to go back to school and study there....that or have a wank.
Depends on what it is. Like, if it's school related, if I don't do something, I force myself to not play a certain game for the next day or so. That, or I internally yell at myself whenever I'm not doing what I should be doing. Like right now, I should be writing an essay for my government class. So, this whole time, I've been constantly yelling every profanity and insult I can to myself, all in my head.
I just tell myself to get this shit done before it's too late and I get serious about it so I don't lose focus.
I wish I actually had something like that. I'm just all around lazy when it comes to... Anything, really.

I mean, sure, if there's a job that really needs to be done (being at work, for example) I'll do it. Otherwise, if there's even a slight chance I don't need to do something, I'll procrastinate that shit to infinity.
As I figure it, so long as my actions will benefit humanity in some shape or another, then all will have been worth it.
I listen to Eye of the Tiger.
I...don't, incentives are what motivates me to do things, such as getting something done so I don't have to deal with all the shit that comes with not getting it done, or getting it done so i can have the end result which I want.
I think the difference between myself, and the rest of my fellow procrastinators, is it DOES get done. I usually say to myself "This is wha needs to be done." and I outright do it. Right then.
There are things that I'd like done right away, and HATE waiting to do them. But, if it's something like taking out the trash, I do that as late as possible.

The thing that sucks with me is I'm not physically able to do a whole lot of stuff that I'd like to. Some pill I took to get rid of my acne (it was really bad, and when I say really bad I mean REALLY bad; like I'd get big huge pimple bumps on my chin or nose all the time!) and that screwed with my back somehow. I can't bend over for too long or it will start hurting.

I can't stand in one spot for too long either or my knee will hurt. Either my knee or the heel of my foot. And that was because I got hit by a car over a decade ago.

Some people probably think that I'm just making excuses and I wish I was, but I'm not. This stuff hurts and there's really nothing I can do about it. There's nothing wrong with them (knee, foot or back) that needs serious attention. I think it's just the nerves in those general area are shot.

Like cleaning. I don't like doing it because I get so tired so quickly. I do dishes every day, but that would be so easier to have a dishwasher instead of doing them by hand. Vacuuming I rarely do because it gets me tired or my back starts to hurt so quickly.

Sometimes it makes me wish I was very rich so I could just pay people to do this stuff. Oh how I wish life was that easy. I just need to win the lotto... and of course, I have to have the urge to really gamble and I'm not the type of person to really gamble constantly. I guess I'll just live with it, like I have been for the past... I'm not even bothering counting.
Pretty much a combination of what everyone said is good. Again it depends on what it is.
In your case with Studying, I would recommend you space your work out over a period of days. I had a problem doing history essays (due a week later) so I spaced the essay out from 80-100 words a day. At the end of the week, around 850 words and the essay is complete, unless you have a good point, you'll most likely add more than 100 and it's good to keep your train of thought consistent... but it works! After a short time you'll end up saying "I could actually do more" so you'll do 110 or 120 and it starts to get easier for you. If it not with words then it's with points. Come up with a point and talk it about it but make it one point per day. It's not so bad if you space it out.

This also applies to jobs. I had multiple jobs to do but have 3 days spare, so I spread the jobs out over the days and was done. It means you won't get lazy during a task and you can put more dedication into (getting your haircut, shopping, forcing yourself to read a comic etc).

For stuff you WANT to do like cleaning the house of excercise, I'd recommend watching TV while hoovering. You'll get distracted sure, but if you have nothing else to do during the day, you may as well take your time and hoover during the breaks.

For exercise I usually put on a podcast like The Gamestation podcast or another that is rather long which means after about an hour of listening to it while working out, you have more of that podcast to use at a later date. If not that then a live Twitch Stream is also good. Surprisingly "just doing it" is simple. Set a plan and do it.

Edit: Just realised I already posted in this.

This is a fun little project for the more artistically inclined individuals.

I'm thinking about making a little challenge around it.
What do y'all think?
100% straight faced without any sarcasm: 5 minutes of exercise.

Several studies have show that exercise increases BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor), which stimulates the production of new neurons. While is true that a couple of quick push-ups won't make you study the whole night, it will increase the blood flow and by extension the amount of energy and oxygen that reaches the brain, essentially giving you a small boost in willpower.

That being said if you aren't used to exercising on a regular basis then I suggest you to star with two push-ups instead of 10 or 20. Why? Because is more likely that you're going to do it if is less rather than more (I mean, ANYONE can do two push-ups... right?). Pushing yourself too much on your first time is simply bad your body, so always start with something simple

If you want a more complete overview on the positive effects exercise has on the brain then I suggest you to watch this video I originally posted on The Sporting News thread.
(05-08-2018, 04:04 PM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote: So yesterday I found this video. I thought it was interesting.
This seems like the best place to post stuff like this.

Unlike most generic motivational videos that simply say "just do it" or "push yourself", this one actually breaks down the mentality of motivated people and tells you how you can achieve a similar state of mind.

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