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(DELTARUNE CHAPTER 2 SPOILERS) YTP reference in Deltarune
Warning: this contains spoilers for Chapter 2 of Deltarune

In Chapter 2 of Deltarune, by winning the first Spamton fight through Mercy (i.e. accepting his deals while rejecting his payment offers), the player is able to access his shop in the Trash Zone. When visiting him there, he will sell Kris the Keygen key item, which is needed to access the basement of Queen's mansion and progress the sidequest that leads to the second fight against Spamton as Spamton NEO.

If you choose to talk to Spamton in his shop and select the "OUR DEAL" option before buying the Keygen, Spamton will bring its presence up and explain its purpose to Kris. However, choosing "OUR DEAL" after buying the Keygen results in Spamton simply saying the word "KEYGEN" and glowing various oscillating colors while the dramatic chiptune track "KEYGEN" plays.

This Easter egg is a reference to the 2009 YouTube Poop "The King Downloads Sony Vegas" by Moto200Alt. As its title implies, the video depicts King Harkinian downloading a pirated copy of the video editing software Sony Vegas out of dissatisfaction towards Windows Movie Maker. Upon opening the download, Harkinian clicks on an included software key generator-- more commonly known as a keygen-- simply saying "keygen" while doing so. Once the program opens, Harkinian is so awed by its dramatic chiptune theme ("Digital Insanity" by Kenet & Rez) that he freezes in place and rapidly flashes between a negative and positive image of himself. The YTP can be seen below (EPILEPSY WARNING; the video is currently age restricted because of the flashing light/color effects).

For photosensitive individuals, a still from the referenced moment in the YTP is included below:
[Image: f0f0f555b0bfb630476d625f2f595900.480x360x1.jpg]

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