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Stuff About Smash 4 and Ultimate That Still Haven't Been Talked About
None of us will be able to post any VGFacts Submissions about these things until we know the truth:

1. Why Kongo Jungle was featured in the Wii U Version of Smash 4 without a counterpart in the 3DS Version:

2. The real reason behind changing some of the final smashes. In Brawl there have been final smashes that were criticised for barely being based off anything the characters did in their own games, fortunately some of them like Luigi's and King Dedede's were changed in Smash 4, most others like Mario's and Jigglypuff's however were left unchanged, plus Shiek shouldn't even be using the Light Arrow. One of these days it would be nice to learn the real reason as to why they changed Luigi and King Dedede's Final Smash in Smash 4, same said about Kirby of whom still uses the Ultra Sword in Ultimate, some like Lucario, Charizard and Pit would've of course been done to reflect something they're able to do in more recent games.

With Ultimate meanwhile, a lot more final smashes were changed, mostly due to the abandonment of player controlled final smashes. Some of the new ones like DK and Yoshi's could've easily been used in a previous game:

3. Why Link and Zelda still use their Twilight Princess Designs in Smash 4 rather then their more recent at the time Skyward Sword designs.

4. Why Villager in Ultimate still uses his City Folk design rather then that of New Leaf. I wouldn't be surprised though if it was left unchanged yet again in the next Smash Bros. game for Nintendo's Next System based on how things turned out in New Horizons.

5. Why Dr. Mario, Pichu and Young Link in Ultimate are not considered as Echo Fighters to Mario, Pikachu and Toon Link respectively. Personally I can only ever see these characters in Fully Cloned Fighters in any Smash Bros. game that had them, and that they are only able to be in games that have other Fully Cloned Fighters.

6. Why Shiek and Zero Suit Samus in Ultimate are still separate fighters to Zelda and Samus respectively. Personally ZS Samus makes more sense then Shiek, who we knew for years as Zelda’s alter ego then not the same person.

7. Why Bowser Jr. fights in his Junior Clown Car.

8. Why Chrom is still part of Robin's Final Smash after becoming playable in Ultimate:

9. There being new Palutena’s Guidances for fighters that weren’t in Smash 4, but no new Codecs for fighters for fighters that weren’t in Brawl, in addition to leaving all the ones that there are completely unchanged:

10. Why Piranha Plant has it's own Palutena's Guidance in Ultimate, but the other DLC Fighters do not:

11. The decision behind which stages didn't end up returning in Ultimate:

12. If Ultimate had any considered Echo Fighters that were eventually scrapped. We do know though about fighters in general that were considered like Alucard and Decidueye.

13. Why it was decided for the only default characters in Ultimate to be the Default Characters of the Original Smash Bros. rather then the entire Perfect Attendance Crew.

14. How it's usually decided who's available from the start and who's unlockable in each Smash Bros. game without the Everyone is Here Concept. I mean Luigi, Captain Falcon, Marth, Sonic, Lucario and Toon Link were default characters in Smash 4 rather then Unlockable, and Wario after having joined the battle as a starter ended up being unlockable:

Hopefully we will be given an official explanation to these things by someone like Sakurai himself at some point.
Let's make that 16 things that we're still yet to know about:

15. Why Ultimate's 2nd Fighter Pass has 6 Fighters (7 if you count Pyra and Mythra separately) as opposed to 5.

16. Why Ultimate only has 6 bosses other then Master Hand and Crazy Hand, which is a lot fewer then what Brawl's Subspace Emissary had to offer:
(Note that Ganon actually dates back as there as the first Zelda game, and did the Hands have to have their origins covered as well in this video?)

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