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Deltarune Unused Plushies
In Chapter 2 of Deltarune, Queen gives Kris a gift she won at a carnival game in Cyber City at one point, and the player is immediately tasked with giving it to either Susie, Ralsei, Noelle, or Berdly. Normally, Berdly is the only one who can open the gift, finding that it contains a plush doll of him with nipples.

However, there's ample evidence suggesting that the gift was originally meant to change its appearance based on who the player makes Kris give it to. In a tweet posted by Temmie Chang off the heels of Chapter 2's release, one image she included showcased graphics for Ralsei, Noelle, and Susie plushies that don't normally appear in-game: 
[Image: E_2psULVIAQ8jOs?format=png&name=orig]
Furthermore, the data for Chapter 2 includes an unused scenario where the Susie plushie appears in Susie's room after giving Queen's gift to her, complete with unique dialogue from Susie and Ralsei:

While associated data for the Ralsei and Noelle plushies have yet to be found (assuming it's even present in the game's files), the available evidence is enough to paint a more concrete picture surrounding the originally intended scope of Queen's gift.

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