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Kris' Eye Easter Egg in Deltarune
Warning: This contains spoilers for Deltarune.

In the endings of both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Deltarune, Kris' eyes can uncharacteristically be seen during key moments when they tear out the SOUL that the player controls; both times, their eyes are shown to be bright red (though they briefly appear white when they first remove the SOUL in Chapter 1).

In the livestreamed Chapter 1 playthrough conducted for Undertale's sixth anniversary, Toby Fox noted how fans reported being able to catch glimpses of Kris' eye during their normal walk cycle in-game, particularly when inside the Dark World. Fox debunked this as simply being the result of pixels in Kris' sprite occasionally blending together.

I'm having trouble finding an official timestamp, but for the sake of saving time (given the sheer length of the stream), I also found a couple other videos documenting the phenomenon. The top one was recorded shortly after Chapter 1's release, while the bottom was made shortly after Chapter 2 came out and goes over the pixel-blending effect in greater detail.

Despite these reported sightings of Kris' eye turning out to be nothing more than a graphical quirk, Fox eventually turned them into the subject of a proper Easter egg in Chapter 2: when Kris and Susie enter a Dark World, Kris' red eye can briefly be seen just before they and Susie make their final dive at the end of the entrance cutscene. Footage of this Easter egg with a close-up shot of Kris' eye can be seen in the video below:


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