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MEGATON - EA Drops its support for the Online Pass
Quote:EA has been a trendsetter in the realm of post-release, digital content, but it's now backing off one of its most prominent tools. At an event in LA today, EA senior VP of corporate communications Jeff Brown confirmed for GamesRadar that the company would be backing away from its Online Pass scheme, due in large part to fan dissatisfaction.

"We thought it was a cool way to package up online services and content," Brown said. "It never got off the ground. Consumers didn't like it. We listened to what they were saying and decided it wasn't worth doing it again...Consumers just didn't like it."

Brown went on to note that gamers should not expect Online Pass to return any time soon. "There's a lot of plans to keep building in new content and services," he said. "But no, there's no plan to package this stuff up. And frankly that was a secondary concern. And no, I'm not aware of any project that does that."

Introduced with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 in June 2010, the Online Pass program generally involved sequestering away online functionality behind a one-time use code. These codes came packed-in with new copies of games. However, those who picked up the game second-hand, be it through as a used game, rental, or otherwise, were required to pay $10 to buy their own, individual code.

The Online Pass scheme quickly caught with other publishers, including Activision, Ubisoft, Sony, and WB Interactive.

Source: GamesRadar

Faith in humanity restored? Seriously though, EA made a smart move by getting rid of the CEO they had. This is a HUGE step in the right direction!
They should've had a public execution of the CEO where they made him jump into a pit of unsold boxed copies of Sim City, then charged viewers $2.99 to see the impact.
I'm really glad this is happening as I hate online passes, just because I bought the game used doesn't mean I should be punished for it, I'm already punished enough for the fact that the game was previously owned and has some wear and tear on it. I also love how they got rid of the old CEO after the whole Sim City fiasco, as he was making some of the worst decisions ever when it came to keeping the customers happy.
EA...did something smart? Alright, hell has officially frozen over. Grab your children, wives, and husbands, because the world is about to end any moment now.

But still, wow. They actually listened to fan complaints, and they did something about it that wasn't insultingly stupid. I mean, sure, they're still a shitty company, and they can't just erase years of bad decisions and terrible PR with one decent thing.
Get rid of Origin and all will be forgiven.
>EA stop doing stupid shit
>EA start becoming a better company over all, original ideas, original games.
>Bring out games that everyone wants, Timesplitters etc.
>Become a God Tier 10/10 company
>Hipsters bitch about how they liked EA when they were shit, and everyone is a poser for hating on them, and now that they're good, they should still hate them.

It doesn't matter though, EA is beyond saving, unless they do the above.

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