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Sonic Adventure 2's City Escape Trivia!
In Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle), the Hero Story starts off with the iconic City Escape level. There is a vocalized music track that plays ( the rather aptly named Escape from the City). however, Escape from the City actual has two slightly different versions: One that plays when the level starts that perfectly matches what's going on and another from the game's OST that plays when the level music "restarts" when Sonic gets an item. Specifically the singer adds extra vocals to the opening of the song before the proper lyrics in the restart version.

In this video you can see the difference at 1:09
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: City Escape - YouTube

Here is the "Starting" version of the song:
City Escape 1 Sonic Adventure 2 Music Extended [Music OST][Original Soundtrack] - YouTube

And here is the "restart" version of the song:
Escape From the City (City Escape) - Sonic Adventure 2 [OST] - YouTube

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