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Bidoof's Gender Difference in Plat and HG/SS
This is a small, neat discovery my girlfriend made while shiny hunting. In PT and HG/SS (NOT present in D/P or any future titles in the series), Bidoof's gender difference is actually slightly different in these games. Whether this is a mistake or not is unclear, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Normally Bidoof's gender difference is only seen on the tail, but in these two games the patch of tan fur around it's face is different between the female and male! While this isn't apparent when enlarged, when the sprites are small (as you would see them in the game), female Bidoof's bump on that patch of fur appears longer and less pronounced, while on the male it's more pointed and pronounced. When enlarged, you can tell this is because of the way the "outline" color is drawn on the female vs the male. I've attached an image to this post with the difference visible, and I'll link Bidoof's sprite history on the PokemonDB website here


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