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Did You Know about Rayman
Did you know, that a French retro-gaming magazine Pix’N Love revealed that, at the very beginning of its development, the original Rayman game was intended to be released for the SNES. This version of the game featured a two-player co-operative mode, in which one player controlled Rayman and the other player controlled what appears to be a female version of Rayman, not dissimilar from the girlfriend character once planned to appear in Rayman 4. Rayman's body is red rather than the purple used in the final game, and the girl's body is blue. Both characters look considerably fatter than Rayman's final appearance. Three screenshots of the prototype are currently available, and they show early versions of the Dream Forest and the Caves of Skops. One image shows the heroes battling against an early version of Mr Skops. There are glimpses of what appear to be early versions of Antitoons, plums, flying rings, Tings, mushrooms, Big Powers and the telescopic fist.

[Image: 500px-Rayman-snes.jpg]
This is the early SNES version of Rayman

[Image: 366kh4.jpg]

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