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Pokemon RBY Lavender Town Music
Hello, everyone!

There's a submission that I've gotten (and rejected) quite a few times regarding Lavender Town's music, so I'd like to get to the bottom of this issue to finally get some closure on it.

Essentially, the trivia is that the original Japanese Red and Green versions have different music in Lavender Town which has a part that plays at a high frequency (commonly known as Lavender Tone) that gives children headaches (with some rumors going as far as saying that these frequencies caused them to commit suicide).

The submission in question is actually on DYKG here:

Now, the issue I have with this is that I've personally investigated it myself and found it to be untrue.
I have direct line recordings of both Japanese Green and US Red's respective Lavender Town themes, and upon importing them into Audacity, you can see that the waveforms for both are identical.
No higher pitched notes or strange frequencies on Green.
Even for the less-far-fetched explanation (the pitch accidentally being set too high), it doesn't add up.
Now, I can understand the point that maybe I just can't hear the difference because I'm an adult. But considering that the actual waveforms themselves are identical, the reason I can't hear a difference is because... there's no difference to hear. It doesn't exist.
This is a screenshot of the beginning of the part in question where the frequency goes up.
(Linked for huge)
Note how closely I'm zoomed in; you're looking at less than a second of sound onscreen and the waveforms are exactly the same. Can you spot a difference?

On top of that, I can't find a single shred of evidence anywhere online (even in Pokemon hacking communities who would have been able to find this immediately) that supports the theory that the music data in RG is different than in RBY.

So my question is, can someone actually show me proof (that isn't a video on YouTube [unless you made it yourself] or the trivia section of a wiki) that the music was changed?

I'm more than happy to accept this submission if it's true, but I can't find anything that backs it up.
Were the changes added in later releases of the cartridges or something and the one you were using is just from before the change? I dunno, that's the only thing I can think of.

Hey... that white hand on your shoulder...
I haven't done any "intensive research", but judging by this it appears that the Game Boy itself cannot play sounds at a high enough frequency for a headache-inducing sound not to be noticed. Even I can hear the highest frequency on the chart and I blew my ears out to hair metal back in the day...

(It's also worth mentioning that there was a separate thing in mid-90's Japan where infrasound caused problems. That might the source of the confusion.)
I actually spent several months researching this, going through several versions. Even when I found a supposedly 'real' version, it had no effects on me or my little brother (who had snuck in), who theoretically, should've gone insane.
Point in case, as much as I liked this story, it's false.
Not to mention, it originates from a creepypasta, an admitted fanfiction story.
From TheUltimateKoopa on the HCS Forums (well known forum in video game music ripping and the like):

Quote:So, long story short, people say that the original version was 'different'... but I've yet to actually hear any difference.

Infact, I even converted a GBS rip of what I assumed was the original version of Pocket Monsters Midori (there was also a 'Rev A' which I assumed was V1.1), into WAV, as well as Pokemon Blue, and both Lavender Town's theme are the same... so much so that inverting one of them in audacity and 'mixing' them into one track cancels everything out leaving complete silence.

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