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Contra: Hard Corps (Sega Genesis)
This a simple trivia (or easter eggs) about 2 songs.
The first one is about the final bos battle theme: Last Springsteen. Springsteen comes from the singer Bruce Springsteen. For all the non-Bruce Springsteen fans among us... he is also known as The Boss. So Last Springsteen means Last Boss.
The other one is a well known one. Konami also has the Castlevania series. The first secret boss in the game is a guy who uses a whiplike weapon and a fish that functions like the cross in the Castlevania games. Also the song that is played is called Simon 1994rd. Simon is the name of the protagonist of the first Castlevania game and 1994 is the release year of Hard Corps. Also the song is a remake of the Vampire Killer, the main theme in the Castlevania series.

Thanks Deathbringer for the correction.
For the record, the track is called Last Springsteen, but I always figured it was just a random title like GTR Attack (used on Powered Ninja Yokozuna, Takkeder Robo, and part of Missile stage) and Charshoe X (used in briefings).

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