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Your First Console
(Computer counts too)

Weather it be handheld, console, or computer, we all started somewhere, so, where did you start?

My first console I owned was a black Gamecube, that came with Super Mario Sunshine and 1080 Avalanche. I played the hell out of that thing, now it's retired, sits by my bed.
I played my dad's SNES a ton as a youngling, sending Bowser to destroy your city in Sim City was the best after-school special I've ever witnessed.
My first, back when I was 4 if I recall this correctly, was a n64 with duckhunt and one of the mario games. Correct me if that ain't the right console.
NES, SNES, Genesis and Playstation here. Though, I rarely ever played the Playstation. I was mainly a Nintendo kid.
What does "first" really mean? Like the first I owned myself? Or the first one I played?
I was born in 1993 and my parents and older brothers were sorta gamers so day one I had huge library of games for the NES/SNES waiting for me when I grew up. If we are talking about systems I owned myself then it would have to be the GBA.
My first console was a Xbox, I still have it now, I just don't use it. Its been replaced by the 360.
One of my earliest memories is having the N64 (with the exact one still in my room, albeit missing some parts) and playing Mischief Makers, which was propably the first video game I have ever played.

As far as what system I owned first, that would have to be when I received my own blue Gameboy Color along with Pokemon Silver, which I really loved as a kid.
My parents had an Atari 2600 and lied to me and told me it was a Nintendo when I was three years old. I remember playing Pac Man and Donkey Kong, and when you're that young you don't even realize how bad of a port Pac Man on Atari is- you're just amazed by the wonderful computer magic.

It broke soon after, though, and I got a Super Nintendo that Christmas, when I was four.
My first console was a grey/silver Gamecube, I played the tits off that little tank of a machine. I got Mario Kart: Double Dash with it and my parents bought Lord of the Rings Return of the King when we got it; it's still my favorite console.
My sweet,sweet SNES.
My older brother played games, so we had a NES. We had Duck Hunt, TMNT, and who knows what else. I remember playing Sesame Street ABC and really liking the music for some reason.
The first console I ever played on was the Mega Drive. According to my brother the first game I played was the Lion King on it.

The first console, I owned, as a gift from my parents, was my Game Boy Colour, which I spent many hours playing Pokémon Gold on.

The first console I bought, and technically have owned, would be the 3DS. I got Street Fighter 3D before I got the console. I'll have had it 2 years on the 28th of March.
First console was the SNES, still have it too.
I remember playing the DKC games all the time on that system.
It was so long ago that I don't even know. We had games consoles in the house since I was born, but I'd suspect either the ZX Spectrum or an Amiga in some form.
Amiga 500 that I got from my older brother. Still have it but sadly it doesn't work anymore... I did buy an older model that works a year or so back.

I'm not sure if that actually was the first ever console I played, or if it was an actual computer OR a NES.

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