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Hotline Kamurocho. A Yakuza x Hotline Miami crossover.

Sun Araw - Horse Stepping

Light Club - Blizzard

M.O.O.N. - Release

El Tigr3 - She swallowed burning coals

El Huervo - Crush

Life Companions - Richard
Kaze Emanuar fixed walls in Super Mario 64.
The problem Yakuza has with Game Journalists

Chrisader Wrote:I had so much fun making this.

Music: Animal Crossing - 5pm

The Hateful Eight Score - Neve

Hitman Blood Money - Secret Invasion

Hitman Contracts - Hong Kong Underground

(This goes without saying but please don't harass these people. It is in the end just a joke.)
What 2000 Hours of Dante Looks Like in Devil May Cry 5

BeeG Wrote:Finally got to 2000 hours in this game. I have way over 1000 hours in dmc5 on my ps4 and i have a bit over 600 on pc. I originally was gonna release this vid like a week or 2 ago but decided to hold off. It's been a while since i've actually sat down and made some dante combos in Devil May Cry 5. It was honestly really fun and now u guys can actually see how i kinda play since most of my stuff is meme stuff. I might do another one of these since I have WAY more hours in Devil May Cry 3. Also Some of these are freestyle and others are just ideas I had, hope you guys like it.

Elden Ring - Yujiro build vs Malenia [No parry, No block, No damage]

Yasha Wrote:#EldenRing #Malenia

Weapon -
+25 Standard Spiked Caestus

Stats -
LVL - 199
END - 30
STR - 99
DEX - 99
Others - 10

Talismans -
Rotted Winged Sword Insignia, Ritual Sword Talisman, Claw Talisman & Blue Dancer Charm

Buffs used -
Exalted Flesh & Lightning Grease (because it looks cool ^-^)
Flashback Friday!

Remenber this internet meme?

Based on the YTP Soup or Smash Bros. by DaThings:
Tom & Jerry but dubbed with Half-life SFX

Holy shit, Kaze Emanuar has done it. He actually fixed the ENTIRE Super Mario 64 source code!
So this video titled 'Why No Black People in Video Games??' by user CaptainAstronaut showed up in my feed. At first I was like "Really? Another one of these videos?", but then I decided to give it a chance.

I'm glad I did. This is the best approach to this specific subject I ever watched. Very logical approach and sound arguments. This is one of those videos where even if you disagree on certain things you're still like "yeah, I can see where he's coming from".

Watch the video before jumping to conclusions. Alright?

EDIT: CaptainAstronaut made a mistake regarding how many playable black characters there are in Smash Ultimate. He forgot about Alex' Tennis alt.

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