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Have you noticed wario's voice being changed?
I'm a huge mario and wario fan. Whenever I play wario games, his voice is pitched high saying things like "excellent" and "Perfect".

But whenever wario is in a mario game, his voice is a little lower and he's not like how he is in his games. Why is that?

Example of this is to compare wario's voice in wario land 4 and super mario 64 ds.
Aren't they both voiced by Charles Martinet?
Yeah he's usually a bit lower, but he's been raised every now and then. Now that you mention it, you probably are right about the -when featuring in Mario games, thing

(06-26-2013, 02:50 PM)pyoro64 Wrote: Aren't they both voiced by Charles Martinet?

EVERYBODY'S Charles Martinet.
In fact Charles Martinet was my father.

I never knew until we went out for ravioli.

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