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Video Game Alphabet Game
Seeing as how we got a sparkly brand new forum for forum games, I thought I'd create one.

Rules are simple. Starting with A, name a video game that starts with a letter of the alphabet, in alphabetical order. Once you get to Z, go back to A. Feel free to name popular or obscure games, or games from any country. For IPs, you may use the series name, or the name of a particular game in the series. Also feel free to include any additional information, such as a small description, personal opinion, genre, or system.
Try not to have repeats.

Okay, guess I'll start!

A = Animal Crossing

First released on the GameCube. I greatly dislike Tom Nook.

(started on DYKG by the user Raven)

(With the Psychospacecow spin of things, it can include characters and locations if you specify the game)
B = Big Brain Academy.

The Wii version was a surprising amount of budget-priced fun.
C is for Chrono Cross because I like it so there.
D is for Disgaea which is really fun, dood.
E is for Earthbound.
I don't know much about the game, but the characters I know are Paula, Ness, Lucas, Poo, Starman, Jeff, and Mr. Saturn. That's all i can think of.
F is for Farcry three for I have not played the first or second.
G is for Gunman Clive, a short but sweet eShop platformer.
H is for Halo.
An overall great game, although I have not played much of the series it's a very fun game.
I is for Indigo Prophecies.
I preferred Heavy Rain.
J is for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Looking forward to seeing how the new game does.
K for Kingdom Hearts (just the first one)
This one was my personal favorite. The story was unique and awesome and the combat was also fun and engaging. The music was fantastic and the characters were all unique (well the new ones, not the Disney/Square Enix ones) and the keyblade was a unique weapon.
L is for Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
My personal favorite Legend of Zelda game. I loved the atmosphere of sailing and the art style was and still is amazing.
M is for Metroid. It didn't even get any love from Nintendo on its anniversary, so let's give it some love here.
N for NCAA football 13, because Madden sucks in comparison to NCAA, but the passing game is awful... never play as the QB.
O is for Okami

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