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If intelligent life exists, have them made video games?
After seeing someone else talk about this I've been wondering, if intelligent life exists out there, have them made video games?

I mean, we have created video games. It can't be ruled out that other civilisations on there haven't, if they exist.

I'd like to think that they've made, at least, Tetris.

After watching this video, about why Tetris might be the perfect game, he said that life out there could've created Tetris, because it's so simple, and easy to make, and I believe him. It's very basic and simple, and a easy game in general to make and play.

Of course, there is Pong, but that comes from Tennis, other civilisations may not have Tennis, they may not even have sport, so you can rule out some of the simplest.

What do you guys think?

inb4 they haven't because they're intelligent.
I think that somewhere out there, an alien civilization created Pitfall.
I think the real question is, If they do, do they have their equivalent of Superman 64 and ET? Or are they smart enough to just make just Tetris and Super Mario Bros. equivalents?
I respond with a question of my own, Why not?
They may have but they might be completely different from ours. Like, radically different.
(07-12-2013, 01:41 PM)retrolinkx Wrote: After seeing someone else talk about this I've been wondering, if intelligent life exists out there, have them made video games?

There's too any assumptions to make and variables to consider before even beginning to answer the question. Mainly because it's a two part question
1) Is there intelligent life?
2) Did they make video games with a concept that can appeal to us regardless of origin.

2 cannot be answered unless you know what 1 is and since we don't know what 1 is, I wouldn't be able to say.

I wouldn't say Tetris is the perfect game but damn do I love it. I still play it endlessly on my DS. If it's not Pokemon Black 2 or Animal Crossing (or the latest game) in my DS, it's Tetris.
(07-13-2013, 08:27 AM)BumblebeeCody Wrote: 1) Is there intelligent life?

Considering how incredibly vast the universe is, it's safe to say "yes".

maybe they made Tentacle Puncher/Probe Puncher instead of Fist Puncher:

or Space Mutants Vs. The Bart:

[Image: 600full-the-simpsons%3A-bart-vs.-the-spa...-cover.jpg]
Spoiler alert: Those aren't the hulkish Fallout Super Mutants so he just might stand a chance.
I think that this intelligent life needs to have creativity, because there's no point in being intelligent if you're not creative. For example, there are people who aren't very good at making art, but they're very good at calculations and such. If said intelligent life is going to create games they need to be creative on top of being overall intelligent.

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