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Random Trivia
Here's a thread about random gaming trivia. I hope that you all will make this thread very informative.
What exactly counts as random?
(03-16-2013, 08:02 PM)Lightmatt Wrote: What exactly counts as random?

Anything that doesn't have a real thread on here is fair game. Oh, and it must be on the first or second page to be counted as being in the public eye.
Here's an easy one: In Injustice, Batman's fighting stance includes his right hand being held outwards, it's a reference to Scorpion who has always held arm out that way during many of his fighting stances to symbolize a Scorpion's tail (the deadliest part of a Scorpion). I read that fact about Scorpion off the MK wiki a while back, and just made the connection when I saw Batman's fighting stance.
The nightwing fact of being damian and the only character to be 2 different person is now erroneous because of the flashpoint batman who is bruce father.
Sorry for my bad english
Hi, sorry for revive this but I think I have a trivia for Injustice.

In fact it is a spelling error, for the mexican spanish translation, (don't get me wrong, the mexican dubbing was made with top actors) the announcer says: Nightwig instead of Nightwing, maybe sounds funny the first time but then it's just ankward.

I hope this info helps.

You should submit that. Feel free to make your own thread for stuff like this. Its easier to organize.
(05-17-2014, 10:46 AM)Psychospacecow Wrote: You should submit that. Feel free to make your own thread for stuff like this. Its easier to organize.

OK, thanks.
I think MassDistraction will like this one:

Yep, that's almost a direct replica of the Spencer Mansion, just a couple of things moved around. That's really cool!
Tetra's eyes don't move in the E3 2013 trailer of Wind Waker HD. [@1min13]

This was not present in the original version and was fixed in the final version.

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