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"Animal Crossing originally for the Virtual Boy" allegations?!
I received this comment string long ago on YouTube on a video of Smash Bros. Brawl music.

Some other users claimed that Animal Crossing's origins began on the Virtual Boy system, but I have no idea if this guy is for real or just pulling my strings.

I wouldn't have mentioned about this in the first place except for the fact that another person mentioned the VB thing first (the person with the Ape Escape avatar), so I typed in some keywords based on this, yet I couldn't find anything other than those Virtual Boy statues that are in game.

I uploaded the screen caps to imgur and just censored out their names to protect their identity (Just in case if there's any problems with that until further notice)

I think they're probably yanking your chain or remembering things wrong. On a video I made I had some idiot trying to claim false info but backed down pretty fast when I asked for proof since all he had was his "memory".
Looks like one of those kids. You know, the irksome ones that spewed video game factoids for attention. Drat, I thought my elementary school graduation stood as liberation from those buggers.

Or his memory is shot.

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